How To Use/Type Emojis On Desktop (PC And Mac)

Emojis are now the companions of sentences and sometimes alternatives as well. These colorful tiny images not just save time and help us present our expressions, but also the receiver doesn’t misunderstand the text. It’s very common to send Emojis on phone but do you want to send emojis from the desktop as well? Using emojis on your desktop will prevent the messages and comments from getting monotonous. In this article, we will explain how you can type emojis on desktop – PC or Mac. For this, you don’t have to download anything as the emoji keyboard is available on your desktop itself.

How To Type Emoji On Windows PC

1. Click on the ‘Notification icon‘ at the bottom right side on the taskbar.

how to type emojis on desktop

2. From the appeared menu, click on ‘Tablet mode‘.

Type emojis on Windows PC

3. The taskbar will change. Click on the ‘keyboard icon‘ on the right side.

Find emoji on Windows computer

4. Tap on the ‘emoji icon‘ at the bottom of the keyboard.

Use Emoji for PC

5. Now you can type any emoji from the hundreds of emojis available there.

Emoji keyboard on PC

This was the easiest method to get Emoji on your Windows PC. For the Mac users, the process is simpler than this. There are two methods to get emoji keyboard on Mac. One has steps and the other is a shortcut.

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How To Send Emoji From MacBook

1. Go to the text field where you wish to type the emoji and click on ‘Edit‘ in the menu bar.

Get emoji keyboard on Mac

2. Then click on ‘Emoji & Symbols’.

3. You will see the emoji panel on your screen. Select preferred emojis.

Emoji shortcut mac

You can also get emoji keyboard on Mac by using the keyboard shortcuts. Go to the text field and press ‘Command Control + Spacebar at the same time on your keyboard. Find all the emojis by scrolling down.

This was the step by step procedure to type emojis on desktop – PC and Mac.

So, sending emojis from desktop is a very quick task. Share this article with your friends and surprise them as well. In case you are facing some issues in getting the emojis, you can comment below.


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