How To Use Or Type Rupee Symbol From Keyboard In Windows

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Windows PC has many amazing features that one can use while typing on the keyboard. One of them is creating symbols using various input of keys. Though there are various symbols that you can use by clicking a few buttons or command keys from the keyboard, here we are going to see how to type Indian rupee symbol that is not even marked on the keyboard like the $ sign. Follow these simple instructions to enable the Rupee Symbol (₹) on the keyboard.

Type Rupee Symbol From Keyboard

To use the rupee symbol from the keyboard shortcut keys, there are a few settings that you will need to take care of first. A Rupee sign can be created from the keyboard only when the input language for typing is selected as English (India). If you already have your default language as the same then it’s good, if not simply follow the steps below.

Method 1 – Adding Input

Step 1

Go to the Control Panel of your Windows system and from there select the Language settings. You will see the language and in front of it, Options. Select it.

options - use rupee symbol from keyboard

Step 2

Then it will take you to the page where the language settings of the keyboard and system can be changed. On this screen click on Add input method.

add input method

Step 3

You will then see various languages and from all of these select English (India) and click on the Add button below. Once the language is added click Save and you are ready to use the rupee symbol.

Add Input Method Windows

Now you can type the rupee (₹) symbol by pressing Ctrl+ Alt+4 keys on the keyboard.

Method 2 – Adding Language

Step 1

Alternatively, you can also add an additional language rather than just adding the input method. You can add English (India) if you wish to with the same method like the above one. The only difference here is we can switch between the added languages to use the Rupee symbol.

But rather than going to options from the language settings, click on Add a language as shown below.

type Rupee symbol on Windows keyboard - add language

Step 2

After that, select English and after that screen, click on English (India) and select Add.

Add language Windows

Once you are done adding the language, you will be able to see the added one in the language settings menu.

New language added in Windows

To switch between the keyboard languages click Windows+Spacebar key, and tab the space bar until it is on your desired language i.e English (India). And you are ready to use the Rupee symbol right from the keyboard.

Switch languages Windows

After you’ve added the English (India) keyboard or language then you can type the Rupee symbol in any text editor like Microsoft Word by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+4 and you will be able to use the ₹ symbol.

Note: Use the number 4 from the number pad above the QWERTY keys having the dollar $ sign.

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Final Say

Both the methods are almost similar and totally depend on your usage. If you want to use the Rupee symbol with your existing keyboard language then the first method is for you. But if you don’t mind selecting multiple languages and switching between them then you can go for the second one.

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