How To Use Instagram Nametag To Find/Follow People

Instagram keeps its services and features updated providing the users easy and entertaining social experiences. Recently, they have introduced the Nametag feature which will allow you to search and follow people easily. With Nametag, you no longer have to search and browse through the similar username to find the person you are looking for. In this tutorial, we will talk about Instagram Nametags and how to use and scan it on Andriod and iOS.

What Are Instagram Nametags?

As I mentioned already, Nametag is a feature with which you can search, find and follow users easily and quickly.

It is just like the QR code, where it generates a pattern which can be scanned by users in their Instagram app to get and share the profile information. It is similar to Snapcode on Snapchat.

What are Nametags

How To Use And Scan Nametag?

You can access your nametag by tapping on Profile icon. From there tap on the menu or three horizontal lines on the top right corner. It will then show you a few options where Nametag is also present.

How to use Instagram Nametags

You can tap it to see your profile Nametag. There will be your username in a frame with a gradient background. You can share it with your friends and ask them to scan it on their devices.

You can also use other users nametags and scan it to find their Instagram profile. Here’s how.

While you are in Nametag, you need to tap on Scan a Nametag option at the bottom of the screen. Now point the Camera at the Nametag.

Scan Instagram Nametag

Alternatively, you can also scan the photos of the Nametags from your Gallery by tapping on the top right Gallery icon on the scanning display and selecting the desired Nametag photo.

After a successful scan, it will show you the user’s profile name and photo after you scan it. You can tap on View Profile to go to their profile or directly Follow them.

Find Instagram Profile Using Nametag

Customize Your Instagram Nametag

Instagram also allows customizing the Nametags according to your desire. You can change the background of the Nametag with a few customization options. You can select from three background options it Emojis, Selfie, and Color. To switch between these backgrounds tap on the active mode at the top middle of the screen.

As you can see the Emojis on the background of your username, it can be changed to any of your desired emojis. For using the emoji you want in the background you can tap anywhere on the screen. Then you can scroll, search and select from the given emojis.

Emoji background In Nametag

Apart from this, you can also use your image with different frames in the background instead of emojis in Selfie. It allows taking your photos from the front camera in an oval frame. You can add sunglasses, heart or Moustache to your image to make it look more fun. Once you select your image as a background you can change the frames by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Instagram Nametag Selfie background

At last, you can use a color background for your username. You can tap anywhere on the screen to change the background color as per your desire.

Color background for Nametags

Instagram Nametag: How Is It?

Well, this feature is really useful as you will not have to search among the billion users to find the one you are looking for. There are many people with similar names which makes it a little hard to find the exact profile. Sometimes the username we use to search is incorrect, but with this feature, you can find the person you are looking for on Instagram in seconds. All you need is the Nametag for their profile, which can be either scanned or shared as an image via social media and messages.


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