How To Turn Off Chat Heads Active Notification On Facebook Messenger

Chat Heads Active Notification is just useless. It takes up precious screen space and absolutely does nothing. It will stay there in your notification bar until and unless you open the app and reads the messages. Not sure why it is still a thing.

I am one of those people who likes to see only important updates in the notification bar. And for very long I have been trying to figure out a solution to this issue. It can be done by just disabling the chat heads. But what if we don’t to. Chat heads are cool. But don’t worry. There is another way to overcome this problem. Follow this tutorial to turn off the chat heads active notification on Facebook Messenger from Android or iPhone.

Easiest Way To Disable Useless Chat Heads Active Notification

Step 1

Open Settings on your smartphone and head over to Apps section of the settings. It can be by the name of Installed apps on some of the phones or just by the name of Apps. This can vary according to brand and operating system.

Facebook Messenger Step 2

Step 2

Now, find and open the Messenger app in the list. You can either browse through all the apps or enter the app name in the search bar.

Chat head active notification step 3

Step 3

After opening it, tap on Notifications.Chat head active notification step 4

Step 4

Tap on Chat Heads Active setting in the bottom part of the screen.How To Turn Off Chat Heads Active Notification On Facebook Messenger

Alternatively, you can access these same settings through the Messenger app by clicking on the profile icon -> Notifications and Sounds -> Manage notifications.

Disable Chat Heads Active notifications - Additional method

Step 6

Now just turn off the Show Notifications present at the top by tapping on its slider.

Step 6 - Facebook messenger notifications

And that’s it. Now, you will still be able to use Chat Heads but the Chat Heads Active notification will be gone.

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Bottom Line

Through this method, you will still be able to receive messages through chat heads and notifications. But how many chat heads are active will not be displayed under the notification bar. You can always turn it back on anytime you want through the same steps. This is the simplest and easiest way to do it. Steps may vary slightly according to every device. But the method is still the same. Let us know if know about any other method.


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