How to view Private Facebook profiles

If you want to view private Facebook profiles you can do so with the help of procedure we will mention in this article. View Facebook profiles of people who have blocked you and restricted you from viewing their account. You can do view a private Facebook profile with the help of two methods. On using these methods you can also get to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook or not.

View Private Facebook Profiles

In order to view a profile of a person who has blocked you on Facebook, follow the given procedure :

Method 1 : 

  • Log out of your Facebook Account.
  • Enter the URL  of the user whose profile you want to view in the address bar of the browser.
  • URL is of the following format For instance –
  • Hit Enter.
  • You will have the Facebook profile of the person who has blocked you in front of your screen.

Note : You can view private Facebook profile with this method only if you know the username of the profile which will help you complete the URL.

If the profile opens, following the above method then it means the owner of that profile has blocked you. On the other hand if the profile doesn’t show up it means the user has deleted the Facebook profile and it no longer exists.

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An alternative way : 

Search in Google the name of the person with Facebook. For example –  “John Doe Facebook”. Hit Enter. You will have a list of Facebook Profiles with name as John Doe. Identify the one you are looking for. 

Note : You won’t be able to view the Facebook profile if user has set the setting “Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?” to No.

We hope that you were able to view private Facebook profiles using the methods mentioned in the post. If you are facing problems or have any doubts let us know via comments.

Do you have any other ideas/methods to view blocked Facebook profiles other than those mentioned in the post?


  1. Hello Hemant, have read your article regarding facebook private profile view. I am interested and intend to penetrate my wife’s facebook account without her consent due to I guess she is cheating with me along with her facebook friends which is making me unhappy in my married life. Hope you understand and please advise what to do mentioning best effective methods.


  2. Hi mate, these are natural methods anyone already would do without even thinking deep.
    But my concern is more like:
    I have that friend from 1996. she went missing of my eyes after studying abroad.
    She probably lost my address when she moved.

    Anyway I just found her FB account since I’ve been searching for her online from time to time.
    So I discovered she had a FB account!
    But the “social network” is good at keeping you away from your old times friends! Nice huh?
    I sent messages, all gone to her spam folder cause guess what? If you are not ALREADY a contact, you cant say “hey! Its me how have you been??”
    Interesting right?
    How can I make myself noticed to her, since all is secured on her profile even her profile pic!
    Cant send a contact request. blah blah.
    I asked her friends but its the same FB-shit.
    Thanks mate!

    • What you could try is to look who her friends are who “likes” her cover photos or other public photos, contact them and explain who you are, some of them may not have their messages set with so much restriction and could connect you to her.

  3. I need to figure out how to see my own dads facebook , I haven’t seen him in over 5 yeaars and need to know things . I stumbled on his facebook account and I am desperately trying to figure out his information on facebook but it’s private.


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