How To View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

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LinkedIn is a widely used professional social network for quite some time now. The business social network after being founded in December 2002 has grown largely with over 500 million users currently. LinkedIn has allowed professionals to connect in an easier, faster and convenient way. In order to connect to a professional, you might want to visit the profile first to get to know about them beforehand.

On visiting or checking the profile of other professional or LinkedIn user, they will be notified that you have viewed their profile. However, you can control that and disable your name and profile details to appear from the notification of the user whose profile you viewed.

You might want to see the profile of an employee, colleague or professional to keep a check on their activity or have information about them without letting them know which can be awkward sometimes if they find out. This can happen when you get someone’s LinkedIn profile from their Email.

So, in this article, we will share how you can view LinkedIn profiles anonymously without leaving any profile notification that you visited. Let’s check it out how.

View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

You can enable the Profile Viewing options. It can be done from both its website from a browser or the LinkedIn app. To do that follow the steps given below:

From Browser

1. Log in to your LinkedIn account on the Web browser.

2. Take cursor on your Profile Picture at the top right of the screen and click on it. Then a drop down menu will appear, select Settings and Privacy.

how to view linkedin profiles anonymously

3. On the next screen, you will find the Privacy controls. Scroll down and under the heading How others see your LinkedIn activity select Profile viewing options.

linkedin profile viewing options

Alternatively, select How others see your LinkedIn activity from the left side without scrolling.

3. As you select it, a menu will expand with three options. Which are:

  • Your name and headline – This is the default option which allows the users to see your name if you have checked out their profile.
  • Private profile characteristics (Semi-private mode) – Using this option you can add any customized profile details that will be shown to the users whose profile you will check.
  • Private mode – This option will make you an anonymous LinkedIn user and won’t show any info of your what others will see when you visit their profile

Select either from the Private profile characteristics if you want to hide your real identity, or Private mode if you want to be completely anonymous. As you select the desired option, a Saved notification will be shown right in front of it and the settings you have made will be applied.

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From Mobile App

If you use the LinkedIn mobile app whether on Android or iOS, then you can make the same settings just like the above one. The only difference here are the steps to access the option to change profile viewing settings. To locate this option on the device:

  • Open the LinkedIn app and then tap on the profile icon at the top left of the screen. Then from the menu, select View Profile option.
    view profile anonymously - LinkedIn private mode
  • Now inside your profile, select the gear or settings icon from the top right corner. This will open Settings. Here tap on the Privacy tab and you will see the Profile viewing options.profile viewing options - linkedIn mobile application
  • Open it, select the desired option and the changes will be saved to be anonymous on Linkedin

With this, you can now view LinkedIn profiles and stay anonymous. The notification sent to the user whose profile you viewed will be – LinkedIn member.This person is viewing profile anonymously“. And if you can’t see who has viewed your profile then probably they have also done the same.

Note: Kindly, keep in mind that on using this setting you won’t get any notifications if someone views your Profile. Using this setting disables Profile Stats and your viewer history will be erased.

How To Know Who Viewed Your Profile?

To see who viewed your profile, just head toward the homepage and there you will find Who’s Viewed Your Profile option on the left column. It’s right under your profile photo as shown in the screenshot below. You will be able to see the number of users that have checked your profile, click on it to further see the profile of those users.

how to know who viewed your profile on LinkedIn

But to know them or unlock those users profile you will need to buy the Premium plan of LinkedIn or else you won’t get to know who checked your profile. As of now, you can try the Premium Plans for LinkedIn free for a month. This premium feature has one advantage, it will let you see who checked your profile even you are using Private mode of Profile viewing option.

Can You View LinkedIn Profile Without Account Or Signing In?

Yes, you can view, or search for any profile or users in LinkedIn without logging in or even having an account. Just head towards LinkedIn website on the browser, and scroll down. There you will see the option to Find a colleague. Here you can enter the name for the profile you wish to search.

view LinkedIn profiles without signing in or having an account

You can even search from the member directory or browse the results as per country or region. This way you can look for LinkedIn profiles without membership. Though this option is available but has limitations. In this, you will only see just a little information for the users or profiles you are searching for. To connect with other users, or see their full profile you will need to sign up or create an account with them.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this helped you and do share your views regarding this setting of LinkedIn which stops the users to know that you viewed their profile or view it without having an account. Is it useful or creepy? Share with us in the comments down below.

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