How to upload videos on Facebook

Facebook being the top most among all the social networking websites that connects people around the globe offers features to its users to share stuff with others. Facebook users can easily put up their status on Facebook, can easily upload photos on Facebook but how to upload videos on Facebook.

We recommend you to always upload video to Facebook of mp4 format. Uploading video to Facebook is not a big task, you can easily achieve it. Below is the method on how you can easily upload video to Facebook.

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Here is how to upload videos on Facebook

  1. First, open your Facebook account.
  2. Look for the Add Photos/Video option and click on it to upload video to Facebook, you can find it next to update status as shown in the picture.
  3. how to upload videos on facebookOnce you click on Photos/Video option, it will open a window from where you can select a video to upload on Facebook. Select a video from your computer, tablet or phone.
  4. After selecting, click on the post button. It will show you the uploading video to Facebook progress and post it.
  5. how to upload videos on facebook - notificationYou will get a pop up of processing video as shown in the picture. Once it is ready to view, you will get a notification from Facebook that you can watch the video now.

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You can tag friends, add a title to video and even add a thumbnail for the video. You can add these stuffs even after uploading video, just go to the video and click on Edit. Hope that you have easily got how to upload videos on Facebook, but if you faced any issue regarding upload video to Facebook you can ask your query via comments.


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