iOS 8 Predicitve KeyBoard irritating you,turn off text predictions

Apple rolled out its latest iOS 8 a couple of weeks back with a lot of exciting and new features.One of the improvements was made to the iPhone keyboard with iOS 8. iOS 8 comes with a predictive keyboard which gives text predictions while we are typing.This Keyboard feature was aimed to give users better experience while typing messages or mail.However,a few of us might not like this feature and are getting irritated or diverted while typing. Keeping this in mind , iOS 8 allows to to turn off text prediction for your iPhone keyboard.This article will let you know how to turn off text prediction in iOS 8 on your iPhone.

iOS 8 Keyboard

With iOS 8,iPhone keyboard is made smarter which learns from your style of writing all the time and gives you predictions with phrases or words you use the most. Moreover,it also considers in which application you are using the keyboard.For example, in Mail App the predictions will be different as compared to Messages app.Therefore,the keyboard is smart enough to understand the context in which you are typing a message.

However,this feature may be not liked by few of us.Therefore, iOS 8 allows you to get rid of text predictions in your keyboard.

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Turn off Text prediction in iOS 8

In order to hide text prediction in iOS 8 keyboard coming up on the box above your keyboard in iOS 8 you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Settings.
  • In Settings select General.
  • Under General navigate to Keyboard
  • In Keyboard Settings,you can turn off text prediction in iOS 8 
  • Toggle the predictive button to off


Turn off text prediction in ios 8
Keyboard Settings

With this, predictions for your keyboard while typing are turned off.You will no longer get distracted or irritated while composing a message or mail.

For me,the keyboard is awesome giving accurate predictions which allows to save time by not typing all the letters of the word.Anyways, iOS 8 has taken care of users who won’t like this feature and has allowed to turn off text prediction in iOS 8 whenever user wants.


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