How to remove unwanted parts from a Video in Windows

Last Updated: February 15, 2016

If you run a video channel on YouTube or make videos for your blog, newspaper, fan page on social networks like Facebook, Google+ etc. then you definitely might have come across situations where you want to edit the recorded video and cut unnecessary parts from a video. In this article we will share a free video editing software with the help of which you can remove unwanted parts from a video in Windows. With this software you can trim portion of video in between the video apart from trimming only start and end points of video.

Remove Unwanted parts from a Video

Best Video Editing software to cut unwanted parts of a video is Freemake Video Converter. To start trimming your videos download Freemake and cut unecessary portion in your video. Follow the steps given below once Freemake Video Converter is downloaded and installed on your computer.

  • Launch Freemake Video Converter
  • Click on the Video Button on Top Left of the screen under Menu Bar. Browse to the video which you want to edit and Click Open
  • The video will be loaded in the software. Double click on the video to Open it in the player for editing.
Trim Unwanted parts from video
Load and Open Video
  • Now make use of start selection and end selection buttons to select the portion of video which you want to remove. Once you select start and end point within the video, click on cut selection button and the selected part will be removed from the video. Refer to the image below.
Remove unwanted parts from a video
Select Portion and Cut -Video
  • Similalry, you can remove multiple unnecessary portions in the same video.
  • Once you cut all the unwanted portions click on OK at right hand side of the video editing options.
  • To get the trimmed video click on Convert on Menu Bar and select any format in which you want your video
  • Browse the desired path to save the video and click on Convert.

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The trimmed video will be converted and saved to the location selected in the form above.

We wish that using this software helped you to trim unecessary portions of the video. Let us know if you face any problems and share any better free video editing software other than shared in this article.


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