How to track computer activity, keystrokes, application usage and more

If you happen to be parent of a small kid or business owner then to track computer activity, keystrokes, applications used, monitoring user activity on website/ web usage is quite handy for your children/ business. Anyways, to be honest you already know why you are here. And don’t worry if anything seems obscure at this point of time as this article at TechUntold will  clear all your doubts regarding tracking of computer activity – Why to track, how is it beneficial and finally how to track without being physically present using mSpy? So let’s get started.

monitor computer activity, usage, web usage

Track Computer Activity

Why to monitor user activity ?

To give an answer to the above question, let me put a few questions which will eventually answer the above question. Are you aware what your employees are doing on the web? Do you know to whom is your child chatting with on social networks? Are you fully informed of how is your employees/ kids spending their time? 

Most probably, presently you are not aware about anyone of the above. But if you start to monitor user activity on computer then you can very well be sure about all of the information. You can be sure that employees are not abusing company’s time and productivity is not hampered. By monitoring you can keep employees diligent thus resulting in higher efficiency. As for kids, you can see how they spend their leisure time on web, thus giving you an opportunity to rectify it, if not proper.

How to Track User Activity on Computer ?

Now when you know why to track users computer activity let’s have a look at how  to spy on computer activity and usage. In order to spy you will need a software to track computer activity. That ultimate monitoring tool is mSpy.

mSpy has tracking for smartphones too but here we are interested in mSpy for Computers. Using mSpy for Computers you can achieve the following for sure:

  • Review User Activity
  • Record keyStrokes and sreenshots
  • Measure Productivity

You can do all of it by monitoring the following using mSpy :

Screenshots : 

This feature of mSpy will take screenshots of the computer screen at regular intervals which you can view and make out what your kid or employee was working on. This keep you informed about the programs and applications which were used.

Using this you need not look over your kids shoulder constantly to check if they are doing their homework or viewing improper websites. Also, you will know what your employees has actually worked on without being physically present.

KeyLogger :

mSpy gives you the liberty to check each and every keystroke typed by the user and the most amazing thing about it is that it will track the keystroke even if it is immediately deleted. Using this you can know what your kid is searching on Google and other search engines. You can also view chat messages sent by user via any instant messaging application, checking of sent mails, typed text in word and more.

This information will make sure that your children are safe online. Moreover, if you are bothered about dishonest employees you can use this fetaure to track them and prevent leaking of confidential information.

User Activity :

This feature of mSpy will give you exact timestamps for each login and logout. With this you will get to know how much time was spent by the user(kid/employee) working on computer.

Applications Use :

mSpy allows you to have a closer look at the applications and programs that are being used on the computer being monitored. You can view which internet browsers were used and how much time was spent on individual apps.

With millions of websites with adult content and many programs and apps easily accessible to everyone, it is essential to use monitoring tool to keep a check on children. For employees, this will make certian that no one is compromising sensitive data.

mSpy main features are listed above. For more detailed list of mSpy features follow the link – mSpy for Computers Features

How to use mSpy for Computers?

To take advantage of mSpy features and track user activity on computer and web usage you should following easy steps :

  • First of all you need to buy mSpy for computers. You can – buy mSpy for Computers
  • Once you buy mSpy. Log in to your Control Panel using login details from the welcome email. Choose the operating system of your targeted computer and install mSpy onto the computer device to be monitored using the installation wizard.
  • Within 20 minutes of installation, mSpy will begin tracking activities taking place on the monitored computer. Check captured screenshots, typed keystrokes, and apps usage remotely from your personal control panel.

mSpy is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

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With this you are all set to track computer activity of the targeted machine without being physically present using your mSpy control Panel. Let us know if you have any doubts. In case you use mSpy do give us a feedback. Happy Monitoring!


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