How to sign out of Gmail remotely

Gmail which is available in 72 languages has more than 900 million active users. With so many number of users Google is taking care of the security of Gmail accounts. As you can easily log out of Facebook remotely, similarly you can also remotely log out of Gmail account. It happens many times that people do forget to sign out of their Gmail account in someones PC or in office workstations. In this article I have explained how to sign out of Gmail remotely in few simple steps. This is not a trick, its the feature to do remote log out which is provided by Gmail itself. This method can only be performed from laptop or a PC and not from smartphone devices.

Sign out of Gmail remotely

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Next, scroll down and look for “Last account activity” at bottom right. It will show you when you last accessed your Gmail account.
  • Just below to “Last account activity”, you fill find Details option, click on it.remote sign out of gmail-min
  • A new Activity information window will open which will list all the browsers and devices which you used to access your Gmail account.
  • If you want to sign out of Gmail from those devices and browsers, you can click on Sign out all other web sessions button.remotely log out of gmail-min
  • That’s it. You have done remote sign out from all the devices and browsers you used earlier to sign in your Gmail account except the current one.

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This article helped you how to sign out of Gmail remotely. If you have some other ways or a trick, do share with us via comments and your thoughts too.



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