How to send Photos by Email on iPhone / iPad

Today Emails are an important means via which people communicate be it professionally or personally. Also, usage of smartphones is rising continuously, therefore, smartphone manufacturing companies like Apple and Samsung have taken care of providing Mail Apps and most of the features required for email in smartphone’s. This article is aimed for Apple iPhone/iPad users who use the Mail App for sending mail on iPhone and will share about how to send photos by email on iPhone/iPad. Additionally, this tutorial will also cover a method of emailing a video from iPhone. 

How to send Photos by Email on iPhone ?

Follow the either of the two methods given below to send a photo or multiple photos at once by email on iPhone.

Method 1:

How to send a Photo by email on iPhone

  • Go to Photos App on your iPhone.
  • Open Camera roll or other Album which contains the picture you want to email.
  • Tap on Select at top right of the screen.
  • Select the picture you want to email. 
  • How to email multiple photos – Select multiple Photos instead of one in this step. However, note that if you select more than five pictures you won’t get the option to email them. Hence, the maximum limit for the pictures you can send at once by email in iPhone is 5 using this method. But you can follow the workaround in my recent article to Email more than 5 photos or videos at once from iPhone.
  • On selecting picture/pictures, icon present at bottom left corner of the screen will be enabled. Tap on that upload/share icon.
  • Select Mail from the options presented.
How to send Photos by email on iPhone
Tap on Mail to attach selected Photos to Email
  • Mail window will open up. Key in the recipient, subject and body as desired.
  • Once completed, tap on Send at Top right corner of the screen.

With this you have successfully emailed Photo / Photos with your iPhone.

Similarly, for emailing a video from iPhone you can select the desired video and follow the same steps.

Note : You cannot send more than one video at once by email on iPhone. On selecting more than one video you won’t get an option to Mail the videos.

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Method 2:

How to send several Photos by email on iPhone 

  • Go to Photos App 
  • Open the picture you want to email
  • Long tap/press the picture and select Copy as shown below
How do I attach a picture to an email on my iphone
Copy Photo option which comes on long pressing on the picture
  • Once copied go to Mail App on your iPhone
  • Compose a new email by selecting the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Long tap/press in body of email and select Paste as shown
emailing photos and video from iPhone
Paste option – comes on long pressing in body of email
  • The picture will be attached
  • Continue the same for other pictures to send multiple pictures if desired.
  • Enter the recipient, subject and Tap Send at top right corner of the window.

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There is no limit of the number of photos which can be sent by email in iPhone using this method. Ofcourse, the mail size cannot exceed 25 MB if you are using Gmail.

So these were the two ways with which you can send Photos by email on iPhone. We wish that you were able to send Photos and video by email using your iPhone. If you face any problem or know any other way then do share in the comment section below.


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