How To Share Photos And Videos In WhatsApp

Share Photos and videos with your contacts in WhatsApp. Two methods shared in this article will allow you to send photos and videos to the desired contact in WhatsApp on your iPhone and Android smartphone.

WhatsApp with more than 900 million users as of September 2015 has been one of the favorite and most used app on every smartphone. Most of our conversations take place on WhatsApp today. Photos, Videos and Audio are such an important part to make any conversation lively and interesting, and WhatsApp allows you to do that in a couple of ways which are mentioned below. Also, send multiple photos/videos at the same time in WhatsApp.

Share Photos and Videos in WhatsApp 

Method 1: Inside WhatsApp

For iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp 
  • Select the desired chat/contact whom you want to send Photos/videos
  • Tap on the share icon above the keyboard on left-hand side as shown in image below


Send Photos, Videos in WhatsApp iPhone
Share icon highlighted in Red
  • Select Photo/Video Library 
Send Photos, Videos in WhatsApp
Photo/ Video Library
  • Photos App will open, Select the desired photo. You may tap on + to send multiple photos/videos at once 
Share Muliple Photos, Videos at same time WhatsApp
Select Mulitple Photos if desired and tap Send
  • Once you select the desired Photo/Photos, tap on send at the top right corner

For Android

The procedure is the same, only the icon is different which can be found at the top with attachment symbol as shown below. You may select Gallery, Photo, Video or Audio as desired.

Send Photos,Videos, Audio in WhatsApp Android
Attachment symbol highlighted in Red

After this, the procedure is same as iPhone.

Method 2: Without opening WhatsApp

For iPhone

  • Open Photos App and select desired Album
  • Tap on Select at top right corner and tap on desired Photo/Photos
Send Mulitple Photos, Videos without opening WhatsApp
Tap Select to choose desired photos
  • After that select Share icon at bottom left of the screen as shown below
Send Multiple Photos, Videos WhatsApp iPhone
Share icon highlighted in Red
  • Tap on WhatsApp from the list of options
Share Photos, Videos in WhatsApp iPhone
Select WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp will open, select the contact whom you want to send the photos/videos

For Android

  • Open Gallery
  • Select Photos/Videos as desired
  • Select Photo as desired and tap on Share icon as shown below
Send Photos without opening WhatsApp Android
Share icon – Android
  • Tap on WhatsApp from the options presented
  • WhatsApp will open, select the desired contact 

With this method, you can send the desired photo/photos to any contact from your iPhone and Android Phone without having to open WhatsApp.

However, it’s important to note that your Last Seen timestamp will change even though you share Photos/Videos using this method.

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These were the two methods which you can use to send Photo/Video or multiple Photos/Videos at the same time in WhatsApp from iPhone or Android smartphone. Do you know any other method? Do share in the comments section below. 


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