How To Send Message In WhatsApp Without Going Online

With the latest WhatsApp update for iOS, it is possible to send messages even if you don’t have an internet connection or Wi-Fi network on WhatsApp. And it has always been possible to do so on Android. This is exactly what we will leverage and explain how you can send WhatsApp messages without changing last seen or without coming online on iPhone and Android without much effort. Apart from that, we have mentioned another bonus method which lets you send messages to contacts without opening WhatsApp and at the same time doesn’t mark you online.

Later in the tutorial, you can also find the method to reply to WhatsApp messages without opening or affecting last seen. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into it.

Method 1: Send Message In WhatsApp Without Going Online On Android & iPhone

The method remains the same for both iPhone and Android.

1. To start, turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data on your smartphone.

2. Now, open WhatsApp on your device and go to the desired contact/group whom you want to reply or send a message.

3. Type the message and tap on the Send button.

Previously the Send button used to be grayed out when there was no internet connection on WhatsApp for iOS. But now with the latest WhatsApp version, the Send button is enabled even when the internet is turned off.

This was always possible on WhatsApp for Android.

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Changing Last Seen

4. After sending the message, come back to Home screen.

Most Important Part: You need to close/quit/kill WhatsApp app.

5. Finally, connect to Wi-Fi or turn on Cellular Data.

The messages you sent offline will be delivered automatically as soon as you connect to the internet.

Moreover, you won’t be marked online and the last seen won’t change.

Method 2: Send Messages Without Opening WhatsApp

This method is only for Android users as we will use Google Assistant to send WhatsApp messages.

Here is how you can directly send a message through Google Voice to your WhatsApp contacts. Follow the below steps:

  • Open Google Voice on your device, by pressing home key for a couple of seconds.
  • Next, speak out “Send WhatsApp message to”. After this it will ask you “Who do you want to chat with”, speak out the name of the person whom you want to send the WhatsApp message.send whatsapp message to command
  • Next, it will ask “What’s the message?”. Tell the message. If Google Assistant got your message correctly then it’s fine but if not, you can edit it.
  • At last, it will ask you “Do you want to send this?”, reply with yes or no or you can also say send it.whatsapp message

That’s it, your message is sent without opening WhatsApp or changing last seen or appearing online.

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Method 3: Reply To WhatsApp Messages Without Changing Last Seen

Reply from notification feature allows you to send/reply to messages without coming online in WhatsApp. Hence replying from notification will not even change your Last Seen time stamp. Here are methods for Android and iPhone.


Here are the multiple ways you can reply from notifications on iPhone

Method 1 

Just drag down the notification to type your reply as shown in the image below and Tap on Send. It is similar to notifications for Messages app.

Send Message in WhatsApp without going Online
Drag down the WhatsApp message notification to reply

Method 2

If you get a WhatsApp message notification on the Lock screen when iPhone/iPad is locked then you can simply swipe towards left of the screen on the notification and Tap Reply as shown below.

Send WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp
Reply to WhatsApp messages from Lock Screen

Method 3

If you somehow miss the notification which comes on top of the screen. You can swipe down and go to Notifications Tab. Under the notifications tab swipe left on the message and select Reply.


1. As soon as you have received the message from one of your WhatsApp contacts, it will appear on your notification bar.

2. Pull down the notification bar and you will see the option of reply to that particular contact message. If there are messages from multiple contacts you will have to tap on the drop-down arrow to see the option. After that, tap on the Reply option and type your message.

Reply To WhatsApp Messages Without Changing Last Seen from Notifications

3. Next, tap on Send icon & your message will be sent without opening WhatsApp on Android.

Wrap Up

So, these were different methods to send WhatsApp messages without changing last seen or offline.

The feature to send WhatsApp messages quickly from notifications is quite useful for me. However, I don’t bother much about Last Seen and Online Status, just an observation so wrote about it. Is sending a message in WhatsApp without going Online useful for you? Let us know in the comments down below.


  1. Hemant, that was a nice little trick. I thought you would be marked online even if you reply quickly from the notifications. Thanks for the post.


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