How to see who is using your Netflix account?

Netflix users who are suspicious of unwanted activity on their Netflix account can go through this article. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to see who is using your Netflix account. Get to know when and where your Netflix account was accessed and take appropriate action.

How to see who is using your Netflix account

Netflix with over a 70 million subscribers worldwide as of 2016 has gained a lot of traction in India as well since it was launched earlier this year. Personally, I enjoy Netflix a lot and it keeps me entertained with the thriller TV shows it has to offer at a pretty reasonable price. Another good thing about Netflix is they find it perfectly fine if you share your account credentials with your friends and family.

Me too gave my Netflix credentials to a few friends and family members. However, after a month it turned out to be a mess with all those irrelevant TV shows and Movies in Continue Watching list and other recommendations. You can always delete items from Continue Watching queue whenever desired but it is irritating to have to remove them all the time.

Moreover, while trying to watch a series I started getting error messages like –

  1. Sorry, too many people are using your account right now.
  2. Your Netflix account is in use on too many devices.

This was because there is a limit of 2-4 devices which can access the account at the same time. Now, if you are facing similar issues continue reading and get to know who is using your Netflix account.

When and Where was your Netflix account used?

1. Log in to your Netflix account and select the Screen desired if you have a multi-screen subscription.

2. Hover over your account name at the top right corner and select Your Account.

delete continue watching netflix

3. At the bottom click on Viewing Activity under My Profile.

remove continue watching netflix website

4. Under My Activity, if you see there are TV shows or movies listed which you never watched or opened then definitely someone else has used it. Even if all shows that are shown are opened by you, it is better to click on See recent account access.

When and where is your Netflix account used

There you go! You will get a detailed list showing Date & Time, Location, device and even the IP address from which your account was accessed.

How to see who is using your Netflix account

With this, you can easily make out if your account is compromised or not. If you see suspicious activity it is better to log out from all devices and change the password right away.

We hope that you were able to know who is accessing your Netflix account after going through this article. Do share it on your favorite social media platform if you found it useful.


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