How To See Last Seen On WhatsApp Even If Hidden

If you are thinking to spy on a contact’s Last Seen who has hidden Last Seen using the Privacy settings on WhatsApp then you are at the right place as this article will let you know how to see Last Seen on WhatsApp even if Hidden by that particular contact in Android and jailbreak iPhone. Moreover, this method will also allow you to know how to check if someone is online on WhatsApp.

Important Update: The app used in this article no longer works, but you can follow the link to view last seen with WhatsApp Notifier and to know who comes online. Apart from that, you can use these Whatsdog alternatives to check last seen.

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See Last Seen on WhatsApp even if Hidden

In order to see Last seen of a contact which has hidden its Last Seen information and also gets an alert when the same contact goes Online in Android follow the steps given below:

See Last Seen and when a contact goes Online in Android

A quick update and a good one is that WhatsDog is back and is up and running again with their new Beta version. This should definitely work better than the one which had totally become dysfunctional. Here is what WhatsDog had to say on their official Twitter account on May 21, 2016.

However, this won’t work like a charm but still will give better results than it has been giving since past 2 months. I have updated the article with the new steps to set up WhatsDog, as the UI and a few features have changed in new version of WhatsDog. WhatsDog has added support to see last seen of multiple contacts at the same time which were the most demanded feature by users. Let’s have a look how to set up WhatsDog.

1. Download New BETA version of WHATSDOG 5.0.0

Note: TechUntold or any of our team member is not partner with WhatsDog. We are in no way affiliated to WhatsDog or Second Lemon(owner of WhatsDog App). It is just another useful app(not currently of course) we have written about at TechUntold. We strongly recommend you to not to go for any in-app purchase in WhatsDog as the free app itself doesn’t work properly as of now. Just try out the free one if it works for you well and good, if not then please do not go for any purchase within the app. If you still do, we are not responsible in any way for your decision and the behavior of the app.

2. After installing WhatsDog App, tap on the App icon to open it.

3. On opening, you will have to Login to WhatsDog using Twitter or Facebook account. You will also get an option to log in with your email id on selecting I don’t have any accounts. If you choose to login with email id then you have to create a password and select Start.

See Last seen even if hidden on WhatsApp
Login Using Facebook, Twitter or Email id

4. In the next screen, you need to select the contact/contacts whose Last Seen you wish to monitor. You can now select multiple contacts in the new version. This feature wasn’t there in the previous version and you could only spy on last seen of one contact at a time.

6. Tap on OK once you have selected the Contact/Contacts whose Last Seen you want to see.

how to check if someone is online on WhatsApp
Select Contacts whose Last seen you want to see

7. You are done! You will be taken to the statistics screen where Last Seen data of that contact will be shown. If you open the app after that you can select the added contact on WhatsDog App to get to the statistics screen. You may also add more contacts to spy whenever desired by selecting Add contact.

See Online Status in WhatsApp
Select the added contact to See Last Seen Statistics

Note: Please be patient as it may take up to 24 hours after you added the contact for WhatsDog app to start showing the Last seen stats.

8. All the Online/Offline time information will be shown even if the contact has hidden Last Seen from Privacy Settings as shown in the image below.

See Last seen even if hidden for multiple contacts WhatsApp

You can remove the tracking of a particular contact whenever desired by tapping on the Gear icon at top right corner of Statistics screen of particular contact and selecting Delete contact from WhatsDog.

Remove Contact from WhatsDog
Delete Contact whenever desired to stop tracking Last Seen

8. Moreover, you will get a notification as soon as the contact goes Online on WhatsApp as shown below.

See Last seen even if hidden WhatsApp
Notification whenever added Contact is online on WhatsApp

This way you can also get to know if someone is Online on WhatsApp. WhatsDog App is free.

Try this new beta version and let us know your feedback which will be useful for everyone. 🙂

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See Last Seen and when a contact goes Online in iPhone [Jailbreak]

In order to achieve this for iPhone, you need to Jailbreak your iPhone. The application which will help you to do this is OnlineNotify which can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.99. Unlike Android, here in iPhone, you can spy on any number of contacts at once.

So this was the way with which you can spy on WhatsApp last seen and Online status of any contact in Android and iPhone. Do you know any better way to know about the Last Seen even if Hidden and to get a notification if anyone goes Online in WhatsApp?


  1. Dear Hemant,
    Good day.
    So it happened a few months ago. I had a relationship with a guy secretly from his parents because his parents dislike me. Somehow his parents hacked his whatsapp account and have all my conversation with him including picture that we sent to each other via whatsapp for the last 3months. Do you know how they did it? Because according to him, his parents never take his phone from him.

    And I have one other question. I think someone hacked my whatsapp account. Because my whatsapp profile picture that I set is showing a different picture in my other whatsapp account contact list (I have 2 whatsapp account because I have two phones – I set my profile picture with a picture with my friend in my whatsapp account on Iphone 6 – number XXX, but when i text from my whatsapp in number XXX to my other whatsapp account in my Android phone OPPO X9006 – number YYY, the profile picture in my whatsapp account number XXX show a different picture in whatsapp account number YYY, it shows my picture alone that I store in my phone and I never use/set that picture as a profile picture for both of my whatsapp account. After this thing happened I deleted my whatsapp account in my Android phone and change it to another new number because this thing scared me. Could it be a stalker or a hacker or anything with bad intention towards me? Pls kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Christie,
      Greetings for the day!
      Actually there are many softwares available which can track WhatsApp messages, calls and any other activity on your phone without physically accessing your phone. Information about one of the similar software’s is shared in one of my articles. How to track WhatsApp Messages, calls, text messages and more
      With this software, anyone can track your phone and if it happens to be an iPhone then all you need is iCloud credentials.
      Regarding your second query, there is a profile picture prank which uses a loophole(profile pictures are downloaded to SD card when you view them) and chnages the profile picture of your contacts. However, it seems irrelevant in your case. Apart from that I am not aware of any other trick which can show a profile picture different from the one set by you. And according to your description there is rare chances of your account being hacked. So, it might be some sync issue and you need not worry.
      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further doubt.

      • Thank you for the tricks, I loved it so much, but here is something I noticed. My contact that I wanted to track is in Africa Ivory Coast and country code is actually +225 but WhatsDog showing +712 do you think I can get Data from that number?

      • Hi, i just installed whatsdog, after installation it shows that, this app still development mode and you dobt have access to it,swtch to a registered test user or take the permission of admin, what can i do…

        • As I have mentioned in the article as well, please do not go for any in-app purchase. We strongly recommend you to not go for any purchase within the app as the free version of the app isn’t working!
          If you still go for a purchase we won’t be responsible in any way.

  2. Hello, Is there a way to see the last online status on a windows phone? I can’t seem to download whatsdog on my windows phone. Thank you.

  3. If she is using Whatsappplus,ogwhatsapp or any third party Whatsapp app..nd if she hide online status,,,then its possible to see last seen or online status???

  4. i installed the app whatsdog in my android. after adding one contact its says registration is complete and no data to show you yet

  5. Can u tell me how to see whtsaap last seen on iphone 5. I try but i couldnot. And i read u mentioned cydia but i dont know anything about cydia or jailbreak. So please help me with this and tell me in detail how to see hidden last seen of whtsapp on iphone. Thanks

    • Hi Shubh,
      If the last seen is hidden and you want to still see the last seen of the contact who has hidden it then you need a jailbreak iPhone. To know more about jailbreak iPhone visit this link – Jailbreak iPhone
      Jailbreak as the name suggests removed restrictions from your iOS device and it becomes capable of much more operations.
      Cydia is similar to App Store app which you have in non jailbroken iPhone.
      Let me know if you have any further doubt.

  6. I am using android and the other person is using whatsapp on iphone.
    Can this app check the last seen between android and iphone?

  7. Hi,

    Do you have another suggestion rather than whatsdog? I installed it on my android phone but it keeps freezing and I cannot look at any data collected by the dog. Only way is to delete the notifications and register again

  8. It is now possible to make your WhatsApp last seen status stagnant. WhatsApp allows this to happen, but there is a trick involved. First, you must disable your internet connection and then launch the app. Enter your message and hit the send button. Once this is done, reconnect to the internet source and the message will be sent to the intended recipient. However, the time that will accompany the message will be the first when you attempted to send the message without an internet connection, which consequently affects your last seen status. So, how to find the exact last seen status in this case is their any app for this!!!

    • Hi John, according to my knowledge what you are asking for is not possible. Moreover, the Send button is disabled when internet connection is not available in WhatsApp for iOS and most probably I think this will be implemented for Android app too in near future. and then you don’t have to bother about it.

  9. Hi. When whatsdog notifies me that monitored contact is online, does my status on whatsapp appear online too during that time?

  10. Hi there, please assist me kindly. My husband has been having an affair for over 9 months. I found out and he has promised not to be in contact with this woman but has lied over and over.He has a Samsung phone and has now hidden when he goes online.I can only see his online on watsapp but even when he is on whatsapp it doesn’t show online. How can I change this setting on his phone? Please help me ? Thank you kindly.

  11. Hi. I have Installed the App but It Says Whatsdog’s Capacity is 100% full. please try later. What should I do Now. please help me with this issue.

  12. One of my friend using whatsapp plus. I want to see her last seen and online status, Because she has hidden. I know for WhatsApp plus it is not possible. If you have any other idea plz help me.Thank you

  13. Hi,

    I have downloaded whatsdog apk file but I am unable to install it. When I touch on the apk file and then on Install, it shows installing…… and then I get the message Application not installed.

    Can anyone help me?

  14. Good afternoon sir
    I have downloaded and installed Whatsdog.I have set a contact to mointor.It’s showing your registration was complted and there is no data to show you yet. This screen is showing from past 3 days. Please suggest me how will I see last seen of the contact set.

    • Hi Hiran,
      Unfortunately, there are some problems in WhatsDog app recently. All I can suggest you is to uninstall and reinstall WhatsDog. Wait for few hours once you set a contact to monitor.

      Hope it helps

  15. hi hemant,
    I had that app installed in my phone and that pretty works…but can i use whatsdog to monitor two numbers in one phone at a time ?
    is there any way out for this?
    thanks in advance.☺

  16. It is my first time to use whatsdog and I just tried to enter the contact number I wanted to check but it says there’s no data to show.but in my whatsapp I just check that contact and it shows the last seen was on 22/01/2016.can you please help me how to use this app?

  17. Hi Hemant! Good work! Well I am most interested in knowing who have viewed my WhatsApp profile photo and last seen etc. Is that possible? Tried few apps, however not effective.

  18. Nice app WhatsDog. I love this app. But Hemant, I wanna know that can I watch status or profile picture on WhatsApp of other person but he/she has blocked me.

  19. Hi Admin,

    Whatsdog app stopped working. Do you have any idea when it will work again?

    Do you know any other alternate apps to monitor whatsapp contacts

  20. Hi Hemant,
    Whatsdog has stopped working since last 7 days.
    I have uninstall & install app several times but still not working.
    Any solution or alternative app to see last seen of whatsapp.
    Please Suggest

  21. Due to the recent update by whatsapp on end to end encryption , this app is not doing its job anymore. do you know any other alternative to this app for android. Thanks

  22. hi Brijesh if that person blocked you,whatsdog will still notify you, but you can’t see profile photos and status

          • Hi Hemant, I wish you read and respond to my comment,I Guess the Beta version has lot of stability issues and also handset compatibility issues. I have a MOTO-G & a Nexus5, in both I can install it but it does not even show me the contacts list to select from, like its showing in your screenshot. I think there are handset version / Android Version issues. can you pleaase tell which handset u used where its working and what android verison it had?

            Also, can you tell if we install this over an Android which already has the older version of Whatsdog installed, will the new version come up as new APP and older one will stay (with data) or the new version overwrites the older one or its data. Reason I dont want to lose the older app data

            Thanks in advance

          • Hello Rohit,
            Your point makes sense as it worked for me and isn’t working for you and many others as we can see from comments. Beta version definitely has issues and dependent on Android version and device.
            I used Gionee S7 on Android 5.0 while testing Beta version of WhatsDog.
            Regarding your second query – The new Beta Version of whatsdog app is totally different app. When you install the new app, the old (earlier) installed app will be there on your Android device and will not be removed or replced. A new Whatsdog app will be installed.
            Hope this helps

  23. Previous version was superb but new version is not working at all…even after waiting for 24 hours nothing starts…please fix it as soon as possible

    • Thank You so much Shiva for your feedback. It worked for me while I was reviewing the latest WhatsDog Beta version. That was the reason I updated the article. It is a BETA version so we can expect it to be inconsistent. Fingers crossed for new official standard version. We will update this section whenever it is launched or for any news from WhatsDog.

  24. Heya Hemant…

    I downloaded the new beta version of Whatsdog…My phone version is 5.0.1 but when i register in it… there is no Contact…how can i choose when there is everything is blank..please help

    • Ah, that is strange! We can expect inconsistencies in the beta version but for me it worked when I was reviewing it. All I can say is clear app data uninstall and install it again. If it still doesn’t work you may wait for new version.

  25. Iv done everything right but just when i select the contact it says unexpected server error. I have note 2 does it still work with note 2?

  26. When i want to add contact for tracking then continuosly shows unexpected server error….now what i do please reply

    • Hi Rakesh,
      Beta version is inconsistent and behaves differently for different Android devices and OS versions. The only thing I can suggest you is to try on another Android device with Android OS version 5.0(it worked for me with Android OS 5.0).
      If it still doesn’t work then unfortunately we need to wait for next WhatsDog version

  27. Hey,
    please let me know after installing whatsdog and selecting someone contact for tracking can victim also know that he or she is spying???

  28. Hi..there is a new app wossip in play store and it works as WhatsApp used to earlier. it’s free for just 7days…but works can update your followers with that


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