How to secure Facebook Account from being hacked

Facebook is like your buddy, you upload photos, share info and other stuffs on Facebook. So it’s equally important to keep it safe and secure. Do you know that there are 6,00,000+ attempts to hack Facebook accounts daily. Especially girls’ accounts are targeted more. So how you can secure Facebook account from being hacked is explained in this article.

Ways to secure Facebook Account from Being Hacked

Secure through Facebook  Setting

Login Alerts

Enable login alert feature so that whenever anyone tries to login to your Facebook account, you will instantly get a message that someone has recently logged into your account. So, it’s the time to change the password as soon as possible before hacker change your Facebook account password.

To enable login notification, Navigate to Settings-> Security, on the right hand side you will find Login Alerts option. In that, enable especially for text messages so that you will get message on your cell phone instantly.

Trusted Contacts

This is a great feature of Facebook to recover your account if it gets hacked. Here you can add 3 to 5 close Facebook friends whom you can trust. In future these trusted contacts will help you recover your Facebook account if you ever have trouble accessing your Facebook account.

To add trusted contacts to your Facebook account, again you have to navigate to the security settings and look for Trusted Contacts.

Check Active Sessions

The sessions will provide you the details of your login like current session, last accessed from Desktop, last accessed from mobile browser and last accessed from messenger. So if you find any unfamiliar location or devices, then immediately End Activity and change your Facebook account password after that.

 You can check your Active session in Settings->Security under “Where You’re Logged In”.

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Suspicious Links

You just need to make sure that you don’t click on any links of the apps, games or others showing in your news feeds which you are not sure about. So, if somehow you have added an unwanted app to your account, just remove  it and also avoid third party apps that try to access your information. It could be a way to hack your Facebook account.

Add Secondary Email ID

It’s very good and important too to add a secondary email Id to your Facebook account. So, whenever your Facebook account gets hacked, Facebook team will be able to send the recovery information to that secondary email Id.

Try all possible ways to keep your Facebook account safe and personal. Make your Facebook account password unique and do not share with anyone. All these tips & methods will secure Facebook account from being hacked.

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