How to search in all WhatsApp chats at Once

Last Updated: February 16, 2016

WhatsApp with 800+ million active users keeps on adding new features in order to make life easier for the users. WhatsApp has clearly taken over as the best instant messaging app with such a huge user base. Searching across all the conversations is one of the features which is now launched for smartphones powered by Android operating system. However, in iPhone the feature of searching in all of the conversations at the same time has been there for some time now. Here, in this article we will explain how to search in all WhatsApp conversations at once and how is it useful for you ?

Earlier, user could only search for contacts or a word/phrase in a single conversation at a time. The drawback here was, what if you forgot which friend/contact or group shared an address that is needed by you now? In that case you had to search by going in to each and every conversation one at a time. However, with the upgrade user can search in all WhatsApp chats at once thus saving a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

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As we all know the significance of searching in all WhatsApp conversation at the same time, so lets see how do to that in latest WhatsApp version.

Search in All WhatsApp chats at once

Prerequisite to have this feature is that you must have updated version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

For Android you need to have at least 2.12.134 or higher for this feature to work. You can download latest version of WhatsApp for Android from the following link –  Download WhatsApp for Android ( Version 2.12.143)

For iPhone this feature has been implemented for some time now. But you can update WhatsApp on your iPhone to version 2.12.3.

  • Open your updated WhatsApp application
  • Go to Chats Tab
  • Swipe down on the chats screen to find the Search Bar at the top
  • You can type in your word/phrase which you want to search.
  • As soon as you type your search word or phrase, the same will be searched in entire chat of all the contacts and results will show up from the chats where your word matches.
Search in all WhatsApp chats at once
Results from all WhatsApp conversations appear
  • As soon as you click on the chat for which your word/phrase matches it will take you to the message where the word matches in the entire conversation

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Quite a useful feature included in WhatsApp which is now leading app for messaging. Did you find the feature of searching across all Chats in WhatsApp at once useful? Share your views via comments.


  1. Hi, when I try to search on whatsapp, it searches for chats instead of messages.
    So for example if I search ‘Hi’ it will is searching for a chat with someone called ‘Hi’ as opposed to searching for the word ‘Hi’ in my chats. Any idea why?
    I have an iPhone 6

  2. I have the same problem. It only returns the search for contact names and group chat group names. The problem only occurred recently. I have restarted my phone, uninstalled WhatsApp. still the same.


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