Easiest way to save battery in iPhone, iPad with iOS 9

iOS 9 brought a lot of new and intelligent features to iPhone/iPad. One of them is Low Power Mode which helps you to save battery in iPhone and iPad. Low Power Mode in iOS 9 extends your iPhone’s battery life which is quite handy in case of an emergency. This simple feature will help you increase battery life on iPhone. Let’s go through Low Power Mode, how does it work and various ways to enable it.

Save Battery in iPhone, iPad : Low Power Mode

 If you are wondering how to save battery life on iPhone/iPad then this feature easily let’s you do that. Just enabling this feature will save and prolong your iPhone/iPad battery life.

Low Power Mode features

Turning on Low Power Mode will reduce power consumption by disabling Mail Fetch, automatic downloads, background app refresh and visual effects and parallax effect of icons. All of it disabled just by enabling Low Power Mode feature.

Low Power Mode in iOS 9 approximately makes your iPhone lasts an hour  longer after iPhone reaches 20% of battery life. 

Now when you know benefits of Low Power Mode, follow the steps given below to enable it :

Method 1 :

  • Go to Settings App
  • Select Battery under Settings
  • Under Battery, Toggle Low Power Mode to ON
save battery iphone, ipad
Enable Low Power Mode

Method 2 :

  • When your iPhone battery life drains to 20%, you will automatically get a pop up window giving you an option to enable Low Power Mode. Select Low Power Mode in that window as shown below.
Low Power Mode iOS 9
Window when battery percent reaches 20

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Method 3 :

If you are on low power mode and charging your iPhone/iPad then Low Power mode will automatically be disabled once battery percentage reaches 80. In order to reactivate it if desired, swipe left on the notification and select Enable Again as shown in image below.

Increase Battery LIfe iPhone
Reactivate Low Power Mode

All of the three methods will enable Low Power Mode depending on the battery percentage and as desired by you. Yellow color Battery symbol signifies that Low Power Mode is activated. 

Low Power Mode can be disabled anytime desired by going to Battery in Settings and turning Low Mode to OFF.

Apple hasn’t given exact figures as to how much does Low Power Mode extends your iPhone/iPad battery life. However, according to my experience it definitely prolongs my iPhone battery life by about little more than couple of hours if I keep it enabled from 100 percent level. What has been your experience with Low Power Mode in iOS 9? Did it help you save battery in iPhone? Share your experience with everyone!

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