How to restore Google Chrome last session

When Google Chrome hangs and crashes, then if you try to reopen Google Chrome it will ask you to restore to get back all the tabs that were opened. But if you have manually or accidentally closed Google chrome by yourself, it never gives you the option to restore. But how to restore Google Chrome last session or closed tabs. Here are the methods through which you can get back all the closed tabs that you opened earlier.

If the Google Chrome crashes, it always gives you the option to restore when you open it next time. But Google Chrome doesn’t ask you to close the tabs when you click on the close button like Mozilla Firefox does. So if you have manually or accidentally closed Google chrome, you don’t have the option to restore but sill you can restore google chrome last session.

You can also reopen all the tabs from the last session on Chrome and FireFox by default every time you reopen them.

How to restore Google Chrome using Shortcuts:

This is the best and easiest method to restore the last session.

  • After you have closed the Google Chrome open it and press ctrl+ shift+t. This will open all the windows which were opened last time you closed Google Chrome.
  • If you have closed a single tab and want to get back only that tab, the same shortcut is used. Press ctrl+shift+t, it will open the last closed tab. If you want to open the second last closed tab, then press ctrl +shift + t “2 times”. This will first open the last closed tab, then second last closed tab. Similarly for 3rd last closed tab, press ctrl + shift + t 3 times and so on.

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How to restore Google Chrome using Chrome menu

To open the closed tabs, here is another method which Google Chrome itself provides.

  • Click on Google chrome menu on the top right side as shown in the picture.
  • Select “Recent Tabs”. It will show you all the recent closed tabs. The last closed tab is shown at top and so to restore Google chrome - menu
  • Click on the desired tab to open it.

Shortcut method to restore Google Chrome is the easiest one but if you want to open a particular closed tab, then restore method using Google Chrome menu is good as you don’t have to open all the tabs.

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Above are the two method which explicates how to restore Google Chrome last session or closed tabs. So no worry if you have accidentally closed Google Chrome, we have shortcut and Chrome menu option to restore the last session.

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