How to request Desktop site in iOS 9 on iPhone/iPad

iOS 9 has changed the location of Request Desktop Site option in Safari browser compared to where it was in iOS 8. If you are a smart observer you might have already seen the difference in location in the newest iOS version. Request Desktop Site feature allows you the view the desktop version of the website on Safari browser in your iPhone/iPad. This feature is useful if you are used to Desktop version of a website and cannot find a particular feature or it is not available in mobile version. So let’s have a look how to request desktop site in iOS 9 on iPhone.

Request Desktop Site in iOS 9 on iPhone

If you are on iOS 8 you can make use of the first feature mentioned in the following article to request desktop site in Safari on your iPhone – Request Desktop site in iOS 8

For iOS 9 follow the steps given below :

  • Open Safari browser on your iOS device
  • Open desired website
  • Tap on the Options icon as shown  in the image below
Request Desktop Site iOS 9
Options in Safari Browser
  • Swiping the list of options you will get Request Desktop Site on right

Note : You can bring it to any location by long tap and dragging and dropping the icon.

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Image below shows the difference between the Request Desktop feature in iOS 8 vs iOS 9

Request Desktop site iOS 9
Request Desktop Site iOS 8 vs iOS 9

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Hopefully, you found the feature of Request Desktop site on Safari browser in iOS 9 on your iOS device. Let us know if you have any issues in comments section below.


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