How to reply to individual Messages in WhatsApp

Replying to specific messages in WhatsApp is possible now with the latest update for iOS(version 2.16.6) and Android(version 2.16.133) and Windows. It is in many ways similar to replying to comments feature in Facebook. This feature would help you take the misunderstanding out of the picture while having a conversation in a group or personally in WhatsApp. Let’s learn about the advantages of the new reply feature in WhatsApp and how to use it to reply to individual WhatsApp messages in a group or individual chat in Android, iPhone and Windows.

Problems faced and Benefits of New Reply Feature in WhatsApp

This is a common scenario to which everyone can relate to so let me explain using that. Most of the times whenever you check your WhatsApp it will definitely have lots of new messages in groups or private chats. Say for example, a group has received 10 messages and now you replied to the third message which says “How are you guys?” with “Great!”.

However, the last message unfortunately had this message, “John Doe met with a serious accident and is in ICU.” Now, I bet that other members in the group will be like – WTF! Is this guy(YOU) mad? But it’s not your fault as you replied to an earlier message in the conversation and not the latest one.

Of course, don’t take the example literally but you know what I mean. Have a look at the below conversation which illustrates the same problem.

Reply to individual WhatsApp messages

However, with latest WhatsApp update you can reply to specific individual messages which will solve such misunderstanding and confusion. Here’s how.

Reply to individual messages in WhatsApp

The method is fundamentally the same for Android, Windows and iPhone/iPad with the Reply option available at a different location. You can use the same procedure for WhatsApp groups as well as individual chats.

1. Open WhatsApp conversation to which you want to reply to.

2. Long tap on the message it can be media(photo, video or audio) too to which you want to reply.

3. Select Reply from the available options. Screenshots attached from WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows.

4. Go ahead and type your message and Select Send.

reply to individual messages in WhatsApp iPhone
For iOS. Screenshots from version 2.16.6
Reply to individual WhatsApp messages in Android
For Android. Screenshots from Version 2.16.133


Reply to individual WhatsApp message in Windows
WhatsApp for Windows – Reply feature

Your reply will be quoted with the message you selected above. Hence, the other person would know you replied to a particular message. You can also tap on the Quoted message in the reply to scroll up to an earlier orginal message.

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I accept that I am a bit late to write about this useful feature incorporated in WhatsApp, however, I believe it’s never too late to share useful stuff. I hope this feature will help you clear out confusion while conversing on WhatsApp. Share it with your friends if you found it effective.


  1. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you. Just wondering when someone sends me a message on whatsapp it appears on my androids lockscreen but the time stamp changes.throughout the day if I just leave it and dont respond right away. Does this mean that the person who sent the message is checking to see if I read the message or does it mean that they opened whatsapp in general? The time stamp last seen when I open the conversation reads an earlier time than what is in the message preview on my lock screen. Thanks for your help.


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