How to remote access a Computer from your Smartphone

After my post on how to setup remote desktop connection in Windows 7 , which explains about remote computer access from another computer. It prompted me to write about this post which enlightens about how to remote access a computer /PC from your smartphone. Still wondering!! Yes, it is possible and imagine the fun controlling your PC from your phone while viewing videos,playing games or viewing important mails and documents on your PC from your smartphone.

 Free remote access software


Remotely accessing  PC from a smartphone is achieved by the use of the remote connection software GoToMyPC. The software is available for Windows and Mac. To start with you need to download GoToMyPc .You can find it here.Sign up and create a password before starting GoToMyPc download.Once you have installed  the software on your PC ,run the software on your computer. You will find it down at the taskbar or in hidden icons click on the GoToMyPC icon. It will ask for email and password you used to signup before,so just enter the same details and go ahead. Give a Nickname to your computer and proceed forward. The next step asks you to create access code. Create access code and click Next and Finish!

You are done with setting up of GoToMyPc on your PC/Mac and added your PC to be remotely accessed from a smartphone. Half of the work is done and now you need to do the same for your smartphone.

For Smartphones

GoToMyPc is available for android,IOS and Windows. So all you need to do is go to the App Store for respective operating system and download GoToMyPc application for the same platform.

Sign in with GoToMyPc email id and password on your smartphone. Once you fill in your GoToMyPC login details and sign in you will see your Computer Name which you set as Nick name listed, select it and it will start connecting.It asks for the access code you created earlier while signing up in the first step.Just enter the access code and enter!!

How to remote access a Computer
GoToMyPC- PC on smartphone screen

There you go, your computer is on your smartphone screen and you can control it as you like! Surely you will like this.


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