How to recover Deleted Photos in iOS 8

With iOS 8 Apple made quite significant changes and added a lot of new features. One of the features included in iOS 8 Photos App allows user to recover deleted photos in iOS 8. If user accidentally deletes Photos from their iPhone they didn’t want to delete then there is no need to worry as there is an easy way to retrieve deleted Photos in iOS 8. This article will share the new Photos App feature and how to recover deleted Photos in iOS 8.

Recover Deleted Photos iOS 8

iOS 8 included a feature in Photos App which contains a Recently Deleted folder under Albums Tab. Photos which a user deletes go into this folder.

To recover deleted photo, Select Photos App from main menu. In Photos app, select Recently Deleted folder under Albums Tab. Once you are in the Recently deleted Album you will see all the Photos which were deleted in last 30 days. Select the Photo or Photos which you want to recover. To select multiple Photos, Tap Select at top right corner of the screen and start selecting the Photos to be recovered.

Once you are done selecting the photos you want to recover, Tap on Recover at bottom right of the screen and then Recover Photos. As soon as you tap on Recover Photos, the Photos selected will be moved to Camera Roll and placed according to the time and date they were clicked in Camera Roll Album. 

You can also recover all the Photos which were deleted in past 30 days by just tapping on Select, and then select Recover All and Recover Photos.

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Note: The Photos which were deleted more than 30 days ago will be deleted automatically from the Recently Deleted Album and your device and then those Photos cannot be recovered with this method. Other simpler way you can recover those photos are from your iCloud account.

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This new feature introduced in Photos App allows user to easily recover deleted photos in iOS 8 without the use of any advanced photo recovery methods.

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