How to recover deleted Email in Gmail

More than 205 Billion emails are sent and received per day. This large number of emails are mainly exchanged because people are subscribed to many websites, forums, newsletters and others. As people do receives lots and lots emails on daily basis they don’t get time to read all the emails, and its get tough for them to manage. Because of the same reason people delete bulk of emails, in which they sometime delete the important email also. But no worries you can restore deleted email in Gmail. In this article I am going to take you through how to recover deleted Email in Gmail.

A month to recover deleted Email

If you have deleted an Email from your inbox, then it gets moved to trash folder. But it will not be there for more than 30 days. The Email will get permanently deleted from trash folder and from your account after 30 days. After which you will left with no option to recover the deleted Email.

Steps to recover deleted Email in Gmail

As informed above, if you want to recover an email which was deleted 30 days earlier, it will not be possible to get it back. If it’s not been 30 days, then below goes the steps to recover:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • In the top address bar, type “in:trash”  and hit Enter or in the left side you can see More option, under that click on Trash option.deleted email in gmail - trash folder
  • Open the email which you want to recover.
  • Click on Move to icon as shown in the picture and select inbox.move to inbox trash email
  • As soon as you did the above step, the email gets recovered from trash and moved to inbox folder.

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Do Archiving instead of deleting Email

Archiving is a better option than trash, when you don’t want to delete an Email but also want to clean it from your inbox. Archiving moves your Email from inbox folder and keep that in archive so that later if you want that Email, you can get it. Below is how you can archive an email:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Open the email which you want to archive.
  • Look for the archive icon at top and click on to archive an email in gmail
  • The email will gets archived.

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This was how you can recover deleted email in Gmail and restore it easily and also how you can keep your emails in archive so that they won’t get deleted permanently.


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