How to print WhatsApp Messages

Do you want to print WhatsApp messages? In fact, print deleted or lost WhatsApp conversation? Or let me ask if you want to print deleted or lost WhatsApp messages even if you don’t have a backup of WhatsApp chats? Cool! As always we will try to provide you a best solution for this too. From printing WhatsApp chat history to even printing deleted or lost WhatsApp Chats by recovering deleted WhatsApp messages in Android and iOS even if you don’t have backup, we will provide resolution to all of it here.

Method 1 : Print WhatsApp Messages

This method is for you if you are looking to print WhatsApp messages which you have in WhatsApp application in your Android or iOS smartphone. So, lets get started:

1. Email WhatsApp conversation of the contact for which you want to Print the messages. Procedure to email WhatsApp conversation for iOS, Android and Windows is mentioned in our earlier article.

2. Once you get the conversation in email as text file, it’s bread and butter for you. Simply open the file in Notepad or Word and use Ctrl+P or File> Print.

This method is really easy and free of cost. However, if you are looking to print lost WhatsApp messages this won’t help you out. Here comes the solution for that.

Method 2: Print Deleted WhatsApp Messages

In order to print lost or deleted WhatsApp messages, firstly you need to recover them.

Well, if you are lucky and have a backup of WhatsApp you can recover lost WhatsApp messages. After recovering with this method you can simply email the conversation and print that out.

But what if you don’t have a backup? Don’t be worried as  FoneLab software by Aiseesoft will help you recover WhatsApp messages even if you have not taken backup from your iOS and Android device. Here’s how :

For iOS device :

Before I start let me tell you that another Amazing thing about FoneLab is that you can recover WhatsApp messages even without jailbreak.

1. To get started you need to Purchase FoneLab for Windows/Mac. You can download free trial version to try it out first.

Note : Trial version of the software will show you the identified deleted or lost messages. However, it won’t allow you to recover them which is fair enough according to me as you will be satisfied or will be sure that it detects all the lost messages you want to recover. At the same time it will allow FoneLab to earn what they truly deserve. 🙂

Print WhatsApp messages
Limitations of FoneLab Trial Version

2. After purchasing, download and install the software. Installing FoneLab is no rocket science and it’s as easy as it can get. Procedure is the same as the other software’s. Still, I will write it in 1 step.

3. Double click the downloaded exe file. Click Next > Accept terms and conditions> Click Next > Choose the path where you want to install(Default is fine) > Click Next > Choose if you want to create Desktop icon > Click Next> Click Install > Wait for a couple of minutes > Click Finish.

Print Deleted WhatsApp messages

4. After installation is complete, open FoneLab on your Windows/Mac. Connect your iPhone/ iPad to your computer.

5. Once FoneLab detects your iPhone, click on Start Scan.

Recover WhatsApp messages even without backup

6. FoneLab will Analyze your device. Analyzing time will depend on amount of data being recovered. Please be patient for 5-15 minutes approximately and let it scan your device completely.

Whoa! FoneLab you beauty, saved my life almost by helping me recover important Deleted data. Apart from WhatsApp messages it will also show deleted data from Photos, Messages, Notes and more. But here we are concerned with WhatsApp.

7.  So select WhatsApp from Sidebar. Also, to see only deleted WhatsApp messages, toggle the button on top to ON as shown below. Select the conversation and click Recover.

Recover and Print Lost WhatsApp meesages

Yes, it’s that simple and all the credit goes to FoneLab for such a useful software. After recovering the conversation, you can easily print it out.

For Android 

There is a similar software  Wondershare Dr.Fone for Andorid you could purchase or download a free trial which is available for Windows as well as Mac. It also has a free unregistered version with lesser features. You can try it out and then go ahead and purchase Dr. Fone for Android. Setting up, scanning and recovering WhatsApp chats is more or less the same as FoneLab which is explained above. Also, your Android device has to be rooted in order for it to work. There is no software in the market yet to my knowledge which can recover deleted messages without backup in Android without root.

Note : I won’t recommend the Android app as it is inconsistent and won’t work in most of the cases. It’s better to go for Mac/ Windows version of Dr. Fone for Android.

After recovering you will have a html file which contains all the lost WhatsApp conversations. You can easily print that html file.

Let us know if above softwares helped you out in Recovering Deleted WhatsApp messages and if you were finally able to print them out.


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