How to mute group in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is reaching out to more and more people daily. In January 2015 WhatsApp had 600 million active users whereas in April 2015 number of active million users reached to 800. With this many numbers of users increasing, message among users are in multiple fold. So it happens sometimes that too many messages keep coming on a particular WhatsApp group and the user want to mute group chat notifications without switching off the internet on cell phone. So this article covers the way to mute group in WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and Windows. 

Mute Group in WhatsApp

Way to mute group chats in WhatsApp on Android

  • In your WhatsApp, tap on group which you want to mute.
  • Tap on 3 dots icon also called menu button and select mute.
  • As soon as mute is selected a window will appear which gives you options to mute group for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.
  • Select the option according your need to mute that particular group chat notifications.

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Steps to mute WhatsApp group on Windows Phone

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • In WhatsApp, open group you want to mute. Once you are able to see group conversation, again tap on group name at top.
  • A group info section will open, where mute option will be available. Tap on it and it will give you 3 options, to mute for 8 hours, for one week or for one year.
  • So you can select the option according to you needs. Once the selected time expires, mute will go off.

Steps to mute group in WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp, open group chat for which you want to enable mute.
  • Tap on group subject, group info will appear where you will get the option to mute group.
  • You can set how long you want the group chat notification to be muted for that particular group.

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We explained how to mute WhatsApp group notificatioin on iPhone, Windows and Android phone. But still if you faced any issue or have any query related to WhatsApp, please do let us know via comments.



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