How to make an invisible folder in Windows 7 / 8

You can always hide a folder with the help of folder options in Windows. But what if you want to make an invisible folder, so that even after showing the hidden files and folders it will not show up. I have covered in this article how you can create an invisible folder, but it do has its pros and cons. This method works on both Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

PROS: Even after showing hidden files and folders, the invisible folder will not be visible.

CONS: If you create an invisible folder, you have to remember in which directory you have created as later it won’t show up even you have kept the hidden files and folders option on. You also cannot search the folder as it does not have name.

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Make an invisible folder in Windows 7 / 8

To create an invisible folder in Windows, is a two step process. In first step you have to make the folder icon transparent and in 2nd process you have to rename that folder with no name. Below goes the method with pictures.

  • Create a folder by doing right click -> New -> New Folder.create an invisible folder in Windows 7 or 8
  • Now again right click on the created folder, go to Properties to open a Properties window.
  • In Properties window, select Customize tab and click on Change Icon option. This will open a window containing lots of icons.make a folder invisible in Windows 7 or 8-min
  • Scroll to right side and you will see some transparent icons or blank icons. Select any one of them and press Ok -> Apply -> to create an invisible folder-min
  • As you have made the icon transparent, its time to make the folder without name so that the folder will not be visible at all.
  • So here is how to create a folder without name, right click on the folder, click on Rename. Press Alt key + 0160 (numeric keypad), means keeping the alt key pressed and then from numeric keypad press 0160. This will make the folder with no name and makes the folder totally invisible.

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This was about how you can create an invisible folder in Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you have some tricks to share, please do share via comments.


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