How to log out of Facebook from lost or stolen phone

If you have lost you phone or someone has stolen it, then he/she can easily misuse the data on your phone. One of the biggest and important thing on your phone is social media networking account. Facebook, the largest online social media networking website can be misused easily if it is logged in. You don’t have to change the password for that, you can simply log out of Facebook. So if you want to log out of Facebook account from your lost phone whether it is Android, Windows or iPhone, then you can easily do that with few simple steps. There is no tricks involved, instead Facebook itself provides this feature for its users.

Log out of Facebook from lost phone

This feature of Facebook will let you quickly log out of Facebook from your lost phone and prevent someone from accessing your Facebook messages, photos and other Facebook data. This method can only be achieved using PC and not mobile phone.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Click on the drop down icon on top right corner and click on to log out of facebook from lost phone - settings
  • In Settings page, on left side look for Mobile option and click on settings-min
  • A mobile settings page will open where you can see Lost your phone? link. Click on that link.
  • It will ask you to log out of your Facebook account from lost phone.log out facebook-min

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As you have successfully logged out of your Facebook. Its recommended that you should also remove the registered phone number from mobile settings. To remove the phone number, below goes the method

  • Go to Mobile Settings, as explained in above method.
  • Click on Remove next to the phone number to erase it from Facebook. This will add additional security to your lost phone.

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Now you get to know how easy it is to log out of Facebook from lost phone or stolen one. No matter it is Android, Windows or iPhone, it works for all and the procedure is same. As mentioned above, this method can only be achieved using PC and not through mobile phones.

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