How To Lock Mozilla Firefox And Chrome With A password

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In this article, we will explain how you can lock Google Chrome browser with a password. Also for Firefox users, we mentioned steps to lock Mozilla Firefox with a password. We do not have in-built settings, unlike Google Chrome to lock the Firefox browser. To lock Firefox you need to install a add-on. Master Password+ is an Add-on provided for Firefox users to make the browser password protected. So, let’s get to it.

Benefits Of Master Password+ Add-on

  • Whenever you open the browser, it will ask you for the password.
  • Apart from locking the entire browser, you can also lock the individual window of the browser.
  • You can lock the application on demand or you can set the specified time after which the application will get locked automatically.
  • Option to ask for a password on startup.

Steps To Lock Mozilla Firefox With A Password

This add-on works with Firefox 3.6 – 39. To install this add on to your Firefox browser follow the below steps:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools -> Add-ons.
  • An Add-ons window will appear with a search box. Type in “Master Password” and hit enter, you will be listed with various add-ons. 
  • At the top of all, you will see Master Password+ add-on. Click on that and install it.
  • After installing, it will ask you to restart the browser.
  • After restarting, you will see a lock icon in the address bar. Click on that, a window will open where you can set the password for your browser.make firefox browser password protected

How To Ask For A Password On Startup

  • Navigate to Tools->Add-ons->Extensions. On right side look for Master Password+ and click on Options.
  • A window will open, click on the startup tab, it will list you with options where you can check the check box of “Ask for password on startup”.how to lock firefox browser with password
  • After this, every time you start Firefox browser it will prompt for the to lock mozilla firefox with a password-min

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Master Password+ is the best add-on and the easiest way to lock the Firefox browser and  adding lots of security to the browser.

Lock Google Chrome With Inbuilt Password Protection

Google Chrome provides inbuilt password protection for its users. With this built-in password protection, you will be able to lock your Chrome browser without remembering an extra password as it uses your Google account password.

  • Open Google Chrome, type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Now press ctrl+f key and paste “New profile management system” and press to lock chrome browser with a password
  • Click on the drop down and select Enabled.
  • Next, at the bottom you will find “Relaunch Now”, click on it.
  • Sign In to your Google account by clicking on a button left to the minimize button.
  • Next, click on Wrench icon on top right and then click on Settings. In Settings page look for “People” and click on Add to make Google Chrome password protected
  • Now check the checkbox for “Control and view the websites this person visits” and click on Add.
  • Click on the account button next to the minimize button of chrome browser. You will see a lock icon (Exit and child lock), click on lock icon whenever you want to protect your browser.
  • Now whenever you switch between profiles, you will be asked for the password of your Google account.

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How To Password Protect Google Chrome Using Extension

This is the simplest and easiest way for the users to lock their Google Chrome browser with a password for inactivity. Everytime you close and reopen the browser, you will be asked to enter the password.

  • Open Web Store in Google Chrome and type PassBrow in the search box. Or directly go to this link.
  • Now add the extension to Chrome by clicking on ADD TO CHROME button. It will ask for confirmation, click on Add.
  • Once the extension gets installed, it will directly ask you to set the password for your Chrome browser. If it didn’t prompt for the password, then you can set the password using the steps mentioned below “Note” point.
  • After setting the password, if you let your browser inactive for a particular time your browser will get locked.
  • You can also set auto-block feature to automatically lock the browser after a certain time interval.

Note: If you want to change the password, you can do that as mentioned in below steps:

  • In Chrome browser, click on wrench icon at top right corner. Click on Settings.
  • In the Settings page, click on Extensions on left side panel, it will list all the installed extensions on Chrome.
  • Look for PassBrow and click on Options. It will take you to a new page where you can set the password.

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The above two methods will help you out to lock Google Chrome with a password. It’s recommended to use the 1st method as there is no need to install the extension and no need to remember an extra password for your browser.

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  1. Only downside to this is that anyone who can acces your computer can easily go to Appdata\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*profilename*\extensions and delete the folder of Master Password + extension.


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