How to install Apps not on Android Market

Install apps not available on Play Store in Android using the tutorial mentioned in the article. Android allows you to install apps not present in Android Market if desired after you change one setting.

If you desire to use apps not uploaded on Android Market, your Android phone won’t allow you to do it unless you make the setting which we will mention in the post. It is quite handy to use this setting if you happen to be one of the Android app developers  and want to test your app on your Android phone directly.

Install Apps not on Android Market 

If you have downloaded an APK file from any third party website then first make the setting given below to proceed with installing of APK.

  • Go to Settings on your Android smartphone
  •  Select MORE Tab under Settings
  • Tap on Security under Permissions in MORE tab
  • Under Security, check Unknown sources to ON
Install Apps not on Android Market
Check Unknown Sources

With this setting done, your Android smartphone will allow you to install APK from websites other than Play Store too. 

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Alternatively, if you have not checked Unknown sources to ON then Android OS will automatically give you an alert shown below when you try to install an app unavailable in Play Store. Apps from third party websites and unknown Sources are blocked by default for better security. But you can change it if desired.

Install Blocked Apps Android
Select Settings

You can Select Settings in the alert and it will take you directly to Security Settings where you can simply check Unknown sources to ON and proceed with installation of the application.

This setting will allow you to download and install Android app not available on Play Store. As there are many useful apps which are not on Play Store, you might want to use this setting some where down the line.


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