How To Hide Who Became Friends With On Facebook

When you become friends with someone on Facebook, it appears on your friend’s news feed. It shows “abc is now friends with xyz” on your friend’s news feeds and then you left with no privacy you want. Some users don’t like it to appear on news feed as they don’t want their friends to get to know about whom you have recently become friends with. In our previous article we have explained how you can hide friend list on Facebook from certain or all friends, but in this article, I am going to explain about how to hide who became friends with on Facebook.

Steps To Hide Who Became Friends With On Facebook

The below method is really easy to follow so that you can stop Facebook from notifying others about your new friend’s activity.

  • Open your Facebook account and go to your profile.
  • Next, click on View Activity log button.activity log-min
  • Now in the Activity log panel on left hand side, click on MORE.more-min
  • Next, you will see more filters, click on Friends.friends-min
  • Now you will see the all the activity with whom and when you became friends with. In this page, at the top, you will see an icon as shown in the picture below.
  • Click on that icon and it will list you with options.stop notifying who you became friends with-min
  • Uncheck New Friend Reports to stop notifying others that you have became friend with someone. That’s it.

When it comes about privacy on Facebook, users are to much concerned about their data like photos, videos, posts and other stuffs on Facebook. Here is one of the article on how to make your Facebook profile completely private.

The above method is really easy to stop friends from knowing that you have became friend with someone on Facebook. If still, you came across any issues, do let us know via comments.


  1. Wow this is a great article and pointing out how complicated fb really makes the privacy settings. i never noticed this icon before and im used to work with software. a regular user would never find this. thanks for posting the link to this article as an answer to a question somebody posted on fb!!

  2. I followed these directions a while ago – but my friend showed me that he can still see I became friends with someone in his news feed (he’s not friends with that other person, so that’s not the issue). Despite unchecking all the boxes, FB still posts the new friendship activity. *exasperated sigh*

    I have now clicked each new friendship notification in my activity log individually to “hide from timeline” but it’s garbage that a general fix isn’t working. I’d like to not advertise every time I become friends with someone new.

  3. There is a box for top posts that shows all friends made in a year on the mobile version. I’m checking these boxes does not hide who you’ve friended (even if unfriended) for this section. How do you stop that?

  4. Does this work anymore? Because I can not find the “more” tab, or the icon that you show here…please advise! FB seems to have blocked all methods of securing privacy…

  5. This does not actually hide your new friendships from your friends. They will still see it. Unless they unchecked that box. Unchecking this box only hides new friendships of your friends from you.
    So that it does not bother you anymore when a million of your friends gets another million of friends.

  6. Hi! I want to add someone as a friend but I don’t want him to see the photos I am tagged in. How can I hide the photos I am tagged in from this person I would like to add. Thank you!

  7. Hello,
    As with others I can not find the friends tab.
    When I click on the ‘more’ tab under ‘comments’ the first new tab is called ‘news’ and no where can I find a friends tab.
    Do you know of any other sneaky ways to achieve what we are all trying to?

    • Hi Harmony, you need to scroll the left on the left panel where you clicked on more. And just below the About option and above Life Event you will see friends option.

  8. This option is still on Facebook but it does not work. I checked this before accepting a few friend requests I wanted to keep private and they still showed up under recent activity for the people I didn’t want seeing it in the first place! I’ve avoided Facebook like the plague because I have no privacy from someone I don’t want to block or delete..

  9. hello .. I’m trying to know how to hide or block the list of people you become friend or unfriend them during the year. it open to all my friends in my wall and if you scroll to the begging of the year everybody can se ho you ad as a friend or ho you unfriend .
    there is no menu to hide or block that list of post from the year “post from 2017” then “Top photos in 2017” and “Made -x- new friends 2017”.
    please help.


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