How to hide WhatsApp Message preview

If you are looking for procedure to hide WhatsApp message preview in WhatsApp notifications then you are at the right place as this article will let you know about how to not show message content in WhatsApp notification inspite of turning off WhatsApp notifications completely. You may want to use this setting so that the message content does not appear on the main screen when the phone is locked thus not viewable by anyone. Only thing you can view is the notification saying a new message from a Contact and the message content is not shown.

Hide WhatsApp message preview

In order to hide WhatsApp message content from the main screen in iPhone follow the steps given below : 

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Select Settings.
  • Under Settings select Notifications
  • Under Notifications Menu Toggle the Show Preview button to Off.
Hide WhatsApp message preview
Toggle Show Preview to Off

Now whenever you get a WhatsApp message, the notification will appear saying a message received from a Contact and the message content is not shown.

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This feature of hiding message content from WhatsApp notifications is not available for android, however you can completely disallow the notifications using the following options : 

Go to Settings –> Tap on the ‘More’ tab –> Choose Application Manager –> Select WhatsApp –> Turn off ‘Show Notifications

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The disadvantage of doing this in your android smartphone is that you won’t get notifications whenever anyone messages you on WhatsApp. On the other hand, in iPhone you will get notification as well as the message content remain hidden.

We wish that you were able to hide WhatsApp message preview from notifications in iPhone and android. If you want to share something more do let us know via comments.


  1. Hi, just wondering did anyone experienced the following problem of whatsapp:

    I’ve been forced to upgrade to new version of whatsapp and the” show preview” function is no longer available, is anyone knows how to fix this as I personally prefer to read the content from lock screen.

    Thanks in advance.


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