How to hide seen status/receipt in Facebook messages

As Facebook is working towards the privacy of users data, people are looking for more privacy options in their Facebook chats. As WhatsApp users have option to disable the read receipts of chats, Facebook chat doesn’t came with this option yet. However in this article we will take you through various ways and on various devices how you can hide seen in Facebook messages.

It could be embarrassing situation when you open your friends messages and didn’t reply to him/her as they will get to know that you have read their messages. It looks simply that you have turned blind eye to them. Now with the below methods you will be able to read Facebook messages without letting sender know about it.

Hide seen in Facebook messages

As there is no official feature came from Facebook to hide the seen stamp from Facebook chat. We have come up with extensions for Desktop and apps for Smartphones.

How to hide seen in Facebook messages on Desktop

If you are a Chrome user, you can easily hide from someone that you have read a Facebook message. Chrome provides an extension using which you can disable the seen receipts in Facebook chat. Below goes the method:

Facebook Chat Privacy: This extension is rated very good. It not only blocks “seen” stamp but also disables the “is typing” status from friends in Facebook chat. After you have installed this extension on Chrome, Facebook Chat Privacy icon will appear in the address bar on top right. After which you can look up the messages received on Facebook and no one will get to know that you have seen.

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How to disable seen feature in Facebook chat on Android

After doing research on web, we have come up with an App for Android users to hide their seen status from friends on Facebook chat. Unseen for Facebook is an Android App which is available for free on Google Play Store to do the same thing for which you were looking for.

We found another Android app called Privy Chat which was also used to hide seen in Facebook messages. But this app is no longer available in Google Play store. But if you find the app on some other websites, you can install it on your Android phone as it works very well.

How to turn off seen in Facebook messages on iPhone

Unread is an iOS app that turn off seen receipts in Facebook chat. This app gets the messages from your Facebook account and shows it to you. But it has two drawbacks, one you cannot send messages using this app as it is just used to read messages. And second drawback is that to view all the messages you have to pay $2.99.

Another App: You can stop Facebook messenger on iPhone/iOS from sending seen status/receipts on Jailbreak iPhones with another app. For Jailbreak iPhone’s Cydia provides an App “FBMessengerUnseen”. The app is totally free but its not possible to install the app without jailbreak.

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So that was how you can prevent people from knowing that you have read their send messages on Facebook. Now feel free to reply to your friends messages whenever you like to.


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