How to hide friends list on Facebook from others

Last Updated: August 22, 2016

With your increasing social network  on Facebook, you might very well consider the Privacy settings Facebook has to offer. One of such Privacy setting offers the user to hide friends list on Facebook. Using this setting you will be able to hide your Facebook friends list from Public or friends depending on your choice, hence no one can gain access to your friend list and restricting other users to take undue advantage of it. You can even hide Facebook friend list from specific friends.

Hide Friends List on Facebook

In order to hide friends on Facebook follow the steps given below : 

  • Login to your Facebook account and visit your Timeline(Profile).
  • On your Profile page select Friends Tab
  • In Friends section, you will find Manage(an icon like pen). Click on Manage and select Edit Privacy.
Hide Friends List on Facebook
Edit Privacy – Hide Friends List
  • A dialog will appear where you can select who can see your friends list.
  • By default it will be Public, to change click on Public and select Only Me if you want to hide Facebook friend list from everyone. You may select Friends if you desire to show your Friend list to your friends. 
Hide Friends List on Facebook
Hide Friends List From Public or Friends

Select Close and your friend list will be hidden from Everyone.

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In order to validate whether your friend list is hidden or not use the method given below : 

  • Visit your Timeline. Click on 3 dots beside View Activity Log.
  • Select View As.
Hide Friends list on Facebook - View As
View Your Timeline As Public or Friend

Your profile will be shown to you as it is viewable by Public. Under Friends Tab no friends will be shown. If you have hidden friend list from your friends click on View As specific person on top of the page and type in the name of any friend and go to Friends Tab. Only mutual friends will be shown to that person.

We hope that this will help you to easily hide Friends list on Facebook. Still, if you face any problems let us know via comments.


  1. I have a ZTE android phone. And it does not give me any of the options that FB , google or YouTube has suggested.
    They all say go to profile page click on friends , and select privacy method. All mine shows is my list of friends.
    What am I doing wrong .?


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