How to get WhatsApp call history printout or download

It has been more than a year now since WhatsApp launched it’s useful calling feature. I use it on many occassions and find it pretty handy and I hope you too feel the same about it. Lately, I have received a handful of queries about getting WhatsApp call history print out or download and this article will provide a way to get WhatsApp call logs in Android and iOS. You can get WhatsApp call history of your child, partner or employee smartphone with FlexiSpy apart from spying on WhatsApp messages.

Why to spy on WhatsApp calls?

WhatsApp calls or even other VOIP calls for that matter have gained popularity and are used quite a lot by one and all. Hence it calls for proper supervision.

For Kids – To make sure that your child is not wasting his/her time or indulging in bad activities through WhatsApp calls.

For Employee – To continuously keep a track whether they are misusing the time in office.

For Partner – If you suspect your partner and want to check if they are making calls to their secret lover.

I think this must be enough to drive you to track the WhatsApp calls of smartphone of the one’s you care.

Get WhatsApp call history

Follow the steps given below to track WhatsApp calls:

1. Purchase FlexiSpy Premium Version

2. After purchasing you will get an email on the id you gave while purchasing. Email will have your FlexiSpy portal details. You can login and get the download link of FlexiSpy app and an activation code.

3. Install and activate FlexiSpy app on the smartphone from where you want to get the WhatsApp call logs.

Note : You need not install the app on your phone.

4. Once app is activated on the target device, please wait for an hour(maximum) for the data from target device to sync to FlexiSpy portal from where you could see all the data remotely.

5. After that login to your FlexiSpy account.

6. On the left hand side of the FlexiSpy portal you will find calls. Place the cursor on Calls and Select VOIP.

Get WhatsApp Call History
VOIP Call Details

7. All the VOIP call logs including WhatsApp will be shown from the apps which are installed on target device. Apps supported by FlexiSpy for VOIP Call Logs are WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.

You will have the following details – Contact Name, Number, Call Duration, Date and Time. Impressive, isn’t it 🙂

Please note that if the target device is Android it has to be rooted and if it’s iOS then it has to be jailbreak in order to get WhatsApp call logs of that device.

Also have a look at this video for more information.

Once you have the WhatsApp Call Logs on FlexiSpy portal you can take a screen shot and easily print that out or even save it as an image.

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Apart from that if you can also get WhatsApp call recordings but only if the target device is iPhone or iPad. For that you will have to go for FlexiSpy Extreme Version, a bit expensive of course.

For Android call recording feature is not available and you have to be content with the WhatsApp call logs.

We wish that you were able to get the WhatsApp call logs using FlexiSpy. Let us know if you have any doubt or come across any issue. Most importantly do share your experience with FlexiSpy.


  1. Hi, may I know how much is the cost to subscribe Flexispy? Let’s say I would like to track my son call log, I have to subscribe Flexispy in my son’s iPhone? If that’s the case, he would have to know I am spying on him.

    • Hi Quinn,

      The price of FlexiSpy subscription depends on the version and for the time period you purchase it. For premium version(1 month it costs) $68.
      You can spy on WhatsApp with that version easily. Follow their official site for more details –

      Yes, it is always better that the person being tracked knows about it. In case you don’t want him to know about it then let me tell you FlexiSpy works/runs in the background.

    • hi Quinn, to track WhatsApp audio call logs and recordings you will have to get the FlexiSpy Extreme version which costs $199 for 3 months.
      Yes, FlexiSpy will have to installed on your son’s device(target). Yes, it is better to tell him that you will be going to track him for his safety.


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