How to get the missing News App in iOS 9

One of the new additions to iPhone/iPad with iOS 9 was Apple News app and many must be wondering why is it not visible on their Apple device among other Apps. Well, to make it clear the News App in iOS 9 is only available for iOS users in United States. However, in this article I will give a workaround to get the missing News App in iOS 9 on your iPhone even if you are outside of United States.

Get the missing iOS 9 News App even outside US

If you are not in United States and wish to use Apple News App launched with iOS 9 then you can simply follow the steps given below to have it on your iOS device :

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General under Settings
  • Go to Language and Region in General Settings
  • Under Language and Region you need to change your Region, in order to do that select Region
  • Here you will find a list of Regions with your Region being selected by default. Select United States
  • Tap Done at top right corner
Get the missing News App in iOS 9
Changing Region to United States to get the Apple News App
  • To confirm, select Change to English(United States) 

With this you have set your region to United States. On navigating back to Home screen you will find News App in red icon.

Note : If you still didn’t get the News App just restart your iOS device after changing region to United States, doing this should definitely bring up News App on your Apple device.

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Apple claims that News App is much more useful than Newsstand was. It gives you news based on your interests even though you didn’t wanted a news from a particular category. Let us know if you got the News App in iOS 9 after configuring the above setting.


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