How to Get Latest WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Messenger, which has around 1.2 billion monthly active users, often comes up with updates having new features like new emoji’s, improvement in calling feature or others. As much as the WhatsApp Inc. is excited to keep rolling out new features, another side the WhatsApp users are also eager to use the latest and upcoming features. For all those users I have listed out how you can get the latest WhatsApp updates and use the latest features.

get latest whatsapp updates

Ways to Get Latest WhatsApp Updates

1. Apps

Update for WhatsApp – Android

This app checks the latest version available on WhatsApp official Website. You can set the intervals of checking the official site for the latest version like once a day, once in 12 hours or once a week. Whenever a new WhatsApp version is available, it notifies you.

As shown in the below picture, from Settings -> Check interval you will get the pop-up screen asking for the intervals you want to set for checking WhatsApp updates.

update for WhatsApp app

Update for your WhatsApp App – Android

This is the app which is also quite similar to the above app, it also allows you to set the intervals for checking the latest version available. You can also set auto-download of WhatsApp messenger if the new version is available.

2. WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp Beta version is the version available for limited users. WhatsApp launches Beta version to give few users opportunity to use upcoming features.

By installing the beta version you can use all the features of WhatsApp which is not available for all the users. But you can become part of it and can easily download WhatsApp latest Beta Version.

3. Official Websites

You can always check the official website of WhatsApp for updates for Android, iOS or Windows. You can bookmark the website.

4. Social Network

WhatsApp Official Facebook Page – keeps you updated with the WhatsApp security tips, latest features and new version available for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Twitter Account – the account is very active. Tweets are sent on a daily basis to keep users update about everything about WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Web.

Like WhatsApp Facebook page & follow their twitter account.

If you follow the above-listed ways to get the latest WhatsApp updates you will never miss any new update. Also, you can always share your way of getting latest updates of WhatsApp messenger in the comments.


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