How To Get Followers On Instagram

Most of you might have heard about Instagram – the popular photos sharing application. This article is written for the ones who are just beginners in this wonderful application. So the real question troubling any newbie in Instagram would be – How to get a good number of followers on Instagram? As you all know, more number of followers means more number of viewers for your photos and more the number of likes and comments your photos get.

 Get Followers On Instagram

Getting followers for your Instagram profile is not that difficult. Here I am going to talk about certain techniques to attract followers for your Instagram profile. I have developed this list based on my personal experiences.

It’s All About Hashtags

Proper usage of the hashtag is critical in getting followers on Instagram. Figure out popular Hashtags related to your niche and use them wisely in your posts. Just like keywords are essential for better SEO, proper Hashtags are essential in Instagram. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your posts with irrelevant Hashtags. You could also use some general Hashtags which are highly popular on Instagram. Some of them are:

#photooftheday #picoftheday #instadaily #bestoftheday #iphoneonly #instagramhub #instagood

get followers on instagram app

Also, there are Hashtags like #followme #likeforlike #instafollow #followback etc to attract followers for your account. These Hashtags are used when you are ready to follow back when someone follows you.

Have A Niche And good Bio

If you are posting completely random photos, then you are not using Instagram in the right way. Before starting an account in Instagram, select a niche and post only photos related to that niche. So that your followers know in advance what kind of photos they could view by following you. This increases your chance of getting followers and most importantly you would get the right audience. You could also add a description of your niche in your bio.

How to get Followers on Instagram

Apart from an introduction about your niche, details regarding your other social accounts, Websites etc can added in the bio. Using Hashtags related to your niche is also a good practice.

Get Followers on Instagram

Make Use Of Other Social Sites

Promoting your Instagram account in other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and FourSquare etc is a good way to attract followers. Whenever you try to upload your photos using the Instagram app, you get options to share your photos in your other social accounts. For me, this worked very well since I was more active on Facebook and Twitter. You can direct your friends or followers in a different social site to follow you in Instagram.

Suppose your niche in Instagram is Travel Photos. Then while sharing your posts in a different social site add a message like the one below, along with your post.

For more travel photos follow me at <your Instagram handle>

Link to your Instagram account can also be added. Highlighting your niche, would encourage the right audience to follow you.

Sync your Instagram account with all possible social networking sites. This could significantly improve your follower base.

Be Regular

Regularly check your Instagram profile. It’s advisable to post photos on a regular basis. But as I have already mentioned make sure you post photos on a single niche. Posting too many photos also won’t help you. According to my experience, posting 2-3 photos per day at different timings would be an effective strategy. However, this number might vary depending on your niche.

Get Followers in Instagram
You need not always post camera photos. Caricatures, cartoons, infographics etc can also be posted in Instagram

Timing is also important while posting photos. Viewers will be more on holidays and late nights. Try different time slots and check the response. And analyzing the response you can fix your appropriate timings. But make sure you are regular and consistent with your posts.

Like, Comment And Follow

Liking and commenting is an important activity in Instagram. From my personal experience, liking and commenting on other’s post could significantly improve your number of followers. Popular Instagram marketers claim that for every 100 likes you make you can earn 6 followers. Following many people could get you followers in return. And later, you can unfollow the ones who don’t follow you back.

Instagram users who are ready to follow you back would be using Hashtags like #instafollow #followback #followme etc.

Click Appealing Photos

Make use of a good camera for your posts on Instagram as the quality of your photos really matter. Personally, I prefer an iPhone. But you can use any camera of minimum quality for the purpose. Making use of photos clicked by DSLR cameras could get you more followers. In short, the visual appeal and quality of photos posted by you are important factors affecting your number of followers. Make sure all the photos in your account are of the expected quality. It’s the quality of photos that matter, not quantity.

Instagram also provide a number of filters like Rise, Hudson, Crema, Ludwig, Mayfair and many more. Out of this, I prefer Mayfair as the filter provides refreshingly vibrant photos. You can try different filters according to your liking.

Get Followers on Instagram Guide

Add Intriguing Lines Or Quotes

Catchy lines and inspiring quotes can attract users to your posts and then to your Instagram profile. You can also make use of questions as captions to have a better engagement in the comment section. A well written description for your photo makes it more appealing.

Engage With Your Followers

Make sure you have a healthy interaction with your followers. You could like their posts, comment on them so that they do not unfollow you. And also try to reply to the comments on your posts. In short, keep your followers interested. Also, ensure you have a regular presence in Instagram.

So far we have seen a few practical tips regarding how to increase the number of followers in your Instagram account. Going by these techniques it’s easy to attract a handsome number of followers for your Instagram account. And I would say, Instagram is much more fun and engaging with a good number of followers.

So why wait…Let #instafun start!!!

What methods do yo use to get a good number of followers? Share with everyone in comments.


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