How to forward email in Windows Phone

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Microsoft in its Windows OS for Phones has given a feature to forward email, but in a weird way. If you open an email, you won’t find any option like forward which should be present. It’s obvious that user will look to hit either reply or forward. And if you  have a Gmail account in Windows Phone then  you might be facing problem to forward email with attachment. Below is the solution for both the problems.

So How to forward email in Windows Phone?

  1. Open your email account, tap on the email you want to forward.
  2. You will see 3 dots at the bottom of your screen, drag them up.
  3. Now you will have various options listed regarding emails. Just tap on respond.
  4. Now you will be listed with 3 options, that is reply, reply all and forward.
  5. That’s it, tap on forward option and type in the email address whom you want to forward email.

Basically the forward option should not come under the respond button. Respond means to say something in reply, however you are not replying, you want to forward the email. So it’s quite obvious that it should be apart from respond option.

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Unable to forward email with Attachment in Windows Phone?

Windows users are facing problem with Gmail accounts, they are not able to send the emails with attachments in Windows Phones. Actually what happens that the receiver receives the email but without attachment.

Solution: To forward the email with attachment in Windows Phone you have to first download the attachment and then when you are forwarding the email attach the files. This is a serious issue which Microsoft should look into for Windows phones.

 Hope the article on how to forward email in Windows Phone & forward email with attachment helped you. If you come across any problem in above solution, please feel free to query in comments.

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  1. You cant attach files on a windows phone fowarding an email with a file pre attached is not an issue,
    Its the actual attaching any file other than a picture that’s the issue.
    This helps nothing you couldn’t be more wrong


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