WhatsApp calling feature now available for iOS

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

WhatsApp launched a new version of the application for iOS 2.12.1 a couple of days back wherein they have incorporated the calling feature. WhatsApp calling feature was already launched for Android smartphones a month earlier. However, you might be facing an issue in your iPhone where you cannot see the calling button to make a free WhatsApp call even though you might have updated to the latest WhatsApp version with free voice calling feature. Here in this article we will let you know how to enable WhatsApp calling feature in iOS and about the calling button not appearing.

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How to enable Whatsapp calling feature in iOS

In order to activate WhatsApp free calls feature visit the App Store and download/update to the latest version of WhatsApp(2.12.1). After updating to the latest version you can receive calls on WhatsApp. With this your contacts with WhatsApp calling feature will be able to call you via WhatsApp calling feature.

However, you will notice that you still cannot make a phone call from WhatsApp. Do not worry, for the calling button to appear you might have to wait 2-4 days. This is because it is not active for each and every user and will take time, till then enjoy the incoming calls on WhatsApp.

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After waiting for a couple of days your WhatsApp calling feature will get activated and you can find the call button to the right of the contact name in chat conversation as shown in the image below :


Enable Calling Feature in WhatsApp for iOS
WhatsApp call button iOS

Similar to the other free voice calls app like Viber, Line etc. making phone calls from WhatsApp would not cost you anything from your calling  balance and only the data(internet) charges will apply.

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We hope that after reading this article you were able to clear many of your doubts regarding how to enable Whatsapp calling feature in iOS and call button not available even after updating to latest version of WhatsApp. Let us know if you have any further doubts regarding WhatsApp calling feature for iOS.


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