How to download YouTube videos using VLC Player or Chrome Extension

Last Updated: May 12, 2016

We all have enjoyed watching videos in YouTube. Some videos, we feel like watching over and over again. Unfortunately in that case, YouTube do not provide any option to download the videos in it. So what do we do? Here I am going to talk about two easy methods to download videos from YouTube on your computer.

Using VLC media player

How to download YouTube videos using VLC media player

We all have VLC media player in our desktop or Laptop. What does it do? The answer is simple – Play videos in your computer. But how many of you know that it can be used for downloading videos from YouTube.

Here I am going to teach you how to download videos from YouTube using your VLC player in few easy steps:

1. Open YouTube and click on the required video. Select the complete URL and press Ctrl + C.

2. Now open your VLC media player. Go to Media > Open Network Stream. Press Ctrl + V.  The copied URL will get pasted in the box under the label ‘Network Protocol’. Now click on the Play button.

how to download youtube videos

3. You can see your YouTube video being played in your VLC player. But you have not downloaded your video yet.

4. Go to Tools > Codec Information. There is a box with a label ‘Location’. Right click on the box and click on ‘Select All’. Then press Ctrl + C.

Download YouTube videos using VLC player

5. Open your browser and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied content in the address bar. Press Enter.

6. Your video will start playing in the browser. Right click on the video and select ‘Save video as…’ option. Name the video and click on ‘Save’. Your video will start getting downloaded.

Have a look at our earlier article sharing different ways to download YouTube videos. Moreover, we have also shared a cool trick which helps you download YouTube videos easily.

Using YouTube downloader tool ‘FastestTube’ : Chrome Extension

Next I am going to teach you another way to download videos from YouTube – by using the YouTube downloader tool ‘FastestTube’.

1. Go to the URL ‘’.

2. Click on the Install button in the bottom.

3. This would open up a dialogue box asking you to download a zip file. Click on save button and download the zip file.

4. Extract the contents of the zip file in your computer. There will be four files in the zip file.

YouTube downloader tool FastestTube

5. Double click and launch the file ‘install.bat’. Click ‘Yes’ on the dialogue box that appears next to accept the administrative rights.

6. Click on the icon below the close button of your Google chrome browser.

7. Select More Tools > Extensions.

Download YouTube videos using Chrome Plugin

8. Drag the ‘crx’ file extracted, to the Extensions page of your Google chrome browser.

Installing FastestTube Chrome Extension to download YouTube videos

9. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm the addition of new extension “FastestTube”.  Click on the Add Extension button.

Add FastestTube extension

10. You can see “FastestTube” along with your other extensions in Google Chrome. Confirm that the ‘Enabled’ option is checked.

Enable FastestTube extension

11. Now, the next time when you open a video in YouTube, you will find a download option below the title of the video as seen in the image below. Click on that and choose the video format and quality from the options.

How to download YouTube videos with FastestTube


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