How to download Pokemon Go in any location now

Pokemon Go is an Augmented reality based mobile game developed by Niantic. The game was launched for both iOS and Android devices on July 6, 2016 in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and United States. The game has become so popular that users have gone crazy about it on Twitter. Here is one of the tweets about Pokemon Go.

So looking at this popularity and craziness about the game among gamers, entices users like me even more to get the game on their mobile device right away without waiting for the official launch in their specific location. The good news is, I have found a way to download Pokemon Go on your iOS or Android device irrespective of your location or the locations where it’s launched officially. Let’s see how.

Download Pokemon go for iPhone/iPad

To get Pokemon Go on your iOS device you have to fool your iPhone/iPad to trust that you are in a location where Pokemon Go is launched officially. For this post, let me consider United States.

Firstly, you will have to log out of your App Store where you have logged in with your local region Apple ID(Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap on the Apple id and select Sign Out). After that you need to create a new US Apple ID and be careful to select the location as United States while setting it up. Once created login to iTunes & App Store with the new Apple Id.

After that you will have to change the location to United States to download Pokemon Go in a location where it’s not launched yet.

To change the location follow the method given below :

1. Go to Settings App

2. Under Settings, select General

3. Tap on Language & Region under General Settings

4. Under Language & Region, select Region in Region Formats Section

5. From list of Countries select United States

6. Tap on Done at top right corner.

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Changing Region to United States

With this your device location will be set to United States and now you go to Pokemon go app on App StoreThe game will be successfully installed on your iOS device without any issue. Here is a screenshot from my iPhone where I installed Pokemon Go in India using the above method.

Download Pokemon go iOS any region

I used the same trick earlier to get the missing News app in iOS 9. In that case you need not have a US based Apple ID.

Download Pokemon go for Android

1. Download Pokemon Go App and give permission to Android device to install apps from unknown sources.

2. The app installed from above apk should not put a location restriction and you can enjoy Pokemon Go on you Android device irrespective of your region. Here is a screenshot where I started playing Pokemon Go in India on Android device.

Download Pokemon Go Android

Why wait then when you can use the above work around to install Pokemon Go game now. Do share your experiences about the game.


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