How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos

Are you fed up of taking screenshots to save your favorite Instagram Photos? Looking for a method/trick to download pictures and videos of your Instagram followers without taking screenshots? You will surely get it by the end of this article. So, without wasting any time let’s go ahead and learn about the different methods of saving photos and videos from Instagram using a computer, Android or iPhone.

Apart from that, if you are looking to save multiple photos at once of any user or download all photos/videos from Instagram gallery post then also we have got you covered in this guide.

1. Download Instagram Photos And Videos

Method 1: Download Using Any Device – PC/Mac, iPhone Or Android

This is the easiest and quick way when compared to others mentioned here. In this method, we will use a web tool/app that works on all the devices without any issues.

1. Firstly, you need the link of the Instagram post you wish to download. You can get it easily by tapping on the 3 dots present either below or top of the post and select Copy Link.

2. Now, go to ThumbTube Instagram Posts Downloader tool. Paste the link copied above in the text box and select Download Post.

Download Instagram Photo or Video

3. With this, it will fetch the photo/video and show it to you with an option to download it. Select Download Image/Video to save the post.

Download Instagram post using any device

Note: This won’t work for gallery posts. To download photos/videos from Gallery posts look at method 2 in this section below.

Method 2: Save Photos From Individual Or Gallery Post To Computer

Here, you will learn how to download Instagram photos and videos from a computer using the Instagram website.

1. Visit Instagram from Chrome browser on your computer.

2. Below Sign Up form you will have an option to Login. Click on that. Enter your Instagram Username and Password. Click Login.

download instagram photos

3.  Right-click on the Photo or Video you want to download and Select Inspect.

download instagram videos

4. You will notice a sidebar (Developer Console window) with a lot of code appearing. It may appear from below and depends on the setting you have configured.

5. There will be a div tag which is collapsed just above the div which is highlighted in blue. Click on it so that it Expands.

6. Under the div which you expanded above, you should find an img tag. The img tag will have an src attribute. In the case of video, there will be both the tags img as well as video. The img tag has the thumbnail details of the video and video tag has information about the actual video. So, you should focus on video tag if you desire to download the video.

save instagram photos

7. The src attribute has the URL where you can find that image or video. As you can notice it starts with https so it’s the URL where that image/video is uploaded/stored. Hover the cursor over URL and double click.

8. You can now copy the URL using Ctrl +C or by right clicking on the URL and selecting Copy. Paste the URL in a new tab and press Enter.

save instagram videos

9. The image/video will be loaded. Right Click on the image or video and Select Save Image as… or Save video as… respectively.

download pictures from instagram

10. Give the desired name to image or video and Click Save.

If it’s a post with 1 photo or video then you’re done here. For gallery posts, continue with the steps below.

11. Now to save the second photo/video in the post you need to open it first. Before you do that first close the Developer Console window. After that, click on the post section and you’ll see a right arrow. Click on it to go to the second image.

Download all photos from instagram posts if it has more than one photo

After the second photo is opened, repeat from steps 3 to 10 above.

Method 3: Download Instagram Photos And Videos On Android

If you want to download pictures from Instagram from your Android smartphone then you can also make use of third-party apps.

There are many apps available on the Play Store to save Instagram photos and videos on Android. But few won’t work and of course, I have not tried all of them.

App 1 – Instube

Instube not only works for Instagram but also lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook etc. It is free and easy to use.

  • To get started, download the app from their official website. It is not available on Play Store.
  • After downloading the app all you need is the Instagram video URL and the rest is taken care of by this app.
  • To get the URL, open Instagram app and go the desired video. Once you are there tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right just above the video and select Copy Share URL.

Copy Share URL on Instagram

  • After copying head over to Instube app. In a few seconds, Instube fetches the video from the URL and a menu will appear. Tap on Video to download the Instagram video.

Download Instagram Videos using Instube

After the download is complete the video can be viewed either from the Instube app or from smartphone’s gallery.

App 2 – InstaSave

InstaSave for Instagram app available for free on the Play Store also allows you to save Instagram photos and videos to Gallery but with a few more taps when compared to Instube. Let’s have a look at the procedure.

1. Download the app from the above link and install it on your Android device.

2. Open Instagram App, once InstaSave app is installed.

3. Tap on three vertical dots at the bottom of the Photo or Video you desire to download to your phone and select Share.

Download Instagram Photos on Android

4. On the next screen select Share via InstaSave.

download pictures from instagram

5. Select Photo will open in InstaSave and you will find a Save icon at bottom right of the picture or video. Tap on it.

save instagram photos in Android

Photo and Video will be successfully saved to your Android phone Gallery.

Now, what if you want to save multiple photos at once. Well, we won’t let you leave disappointed.

2. Download Multiple Instagram Photos At Once

You can achieve it using the Instagram website.

To get started, you will need a Chrome browser on your computer. If you don’t have it installed yet then this should be a good enough reason to get it now on your system.

Once Chrome browser is installed on your PC follow the steps below.

1. You need to add the useful Chrome extension by the name of Image Downloader from here.

2. After adding the extension to Chrome head over to Instagram profile of the user whose photos you wish to download.

If the profile is public then there is no need of logging into Instagram or following them in order to download their photos.

You can directly use the following link to go to the desired profile –

where username needs to be replaced by that particular Instagram username.

3. Once you are on the profile page where all their photos/videos are shown click on the Image Downloader extension icon.

4. In a few seconds, it will fetch and show all the images on that particular web page.

If you wish to download more images than those which are shown currently then scroll to the bottom of the web page and click Load More.

5. To remove images like Instagram icons, favicons etc. from the list shown in the extension pop-up check the box next to width and make it around 200px.

This way the images(icons and Instagram images etc.) having width lesser than 200px will be filtered out and will not appear.

6. Next, you can select multiple images by clicking on them or select all the images by clicking on Select all. Finally, click on Download.

Save Multiple Instagram Photos

If you wish to download an individual image then you can very well click on the download icon below each image.

7. On the next message, before clicking on Yes make sure you have unchecked Ask where to save each file before downloading under Downloads in Chrome Settings.

This will prevent the message from popping for download location each time a file is being downloaded.

Save Multiple Instagram Pictures


With all the advantages this method offers there is an issue which I faced and would like to mention.

The image downloaded is the one which is previewed on the Instagram profile. So, if there is a part of the image which is not viewable completely then the downloaded image won’t have it as well.

For example, in my case, all the words in the photo were not visible in the preview mode on the profile so they were cut off in the downloaded image as well.

Download Multiple Instagram Photos
Downloaded Image Text cut off

To overcome this issue, you can open such images in a new tab and then use the Image Downloader extension.

Download Multiple Instagram photos
Downloading the image after opening it in a new tab

These were the methods which I use to download Instagram Photos and Videos to the computer, iPhone and Android phone. If you found them useful, please share with your friends.

Do you use any other method or any other app to download Instagram Photos and videos? Please share in the comments section with everyone.


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