How to download Facebook videos

Download Facebook videos without any software for free. Desired videos from Facebook can be downloaded to your computer using the simple method mentioned in the article.

Download Facebook video

Using the easy steps given below you can download Facebook videos and save them to your computer for free without use of any software.

  • Open Facebook in Browser of your choice( Google Chrome, Internet Explorer are recommended)
  • Navigate to the desired FB video you want to download
  • Click on the video to Open it in full screen mode
  • Now in the address bar of your browser edit the URL from to Basically you need to replace www with m in the URL of the Facebook video and hit Enter. The same is shown in image below
Download Facebook video

Replace www with m

  • Mobile version of Facebook with the video will open. Click on the video to play it
  • Once the video starts playing, right click on the video and select Save video as… from the context menu as shown below
Save FB videos without any software

Right click on the video and select Save video as…

  • On the next window you can select the desired path and name and then select Save

Fb video will start downloading to the location you specified on your PC.

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We wish that you were successfully able to save Facebook video to your computer without any hassle. Dis you like the above method to download Fb videos? Do share if you are aware of other good and easy methods of doing so.


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