How to cure Insomnia with these Impressive Gadgets/Apps

This article is an ultimate Guide to beat Insomnia. We have mentioned tips, Gadgets and Apps that can help you sleep and fight sleep disorders. Natural Sleep Aids and Gadgets, apps which will help in solving your sleep problems. If you can’t sleep or aren’t getting much sleep and looking for some solution then keep reading. You will definitely have a solution/ insomnia cures after you go through this piece of content.
The Millenials are suffering from a big problem. A problem of immense proportions that can affect their long-term life and well-being. Not able to sleep during the night is called Insomnia and it can be extremely detrimental to your health.The eight hours of sleep that is needed helps the body recuperate, fix problems and perform functions that keep the body working well. When you don’t sleep, then you stop these processes from happening.

How to Cure Insomnia : Ultimate Guide

If you get lesser than six hours of sleep everyday then the odds of you getting a heart attack, diabetes and even breast cancer among women increases exponentially. Sleep is a repair process for the body and it’s recovery time, if you stop it mid way, you stop the body from its self protection mechanism.

At TechUntold, we believe in working with science and tech to solve problems and we believe that tips mixed with gadgets can really help people solve problems. This is the complete guide to beat Insomnia.

How to cure Insomnia with Gadgets apps

Causes of Insomnia and Natural Sleep Aids

We aren’t going to deep cases of Insomnia like restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea. We are going to focus on Insomnia occurring because of things you can control. Insomnia can be caused by

1. Consuming caffeine based products close to time

Caffeine’s effects can last for hours and some research suggests that, if you don’t want the effects of caffeine to be in your system, then you should have your last caffeine-based product in the afternoon.

2. Overthinking

Overthinking about many things, the past or the future keeps your brain in overdrive and when your brain is in over drive it cannot be in a rested state. It’s easier to say, stop thinking, but meditation in the mornings help in keeping your mind in control. When humans sleep, our breathing patterns are different, we take long breaths. If you are able to replicate that breathing process, then you send signals to the brain to sleep. So when you are in bed and are not able to get sleep, take long breaths and exhale, this will bring your heart rate down.

3. Use of Smartphones and Tablets

Not using your smartphone and tablet 30 minutes prior to going to sleep will give you better sleep. The blue light that is emitted from your smart device stops melatonin from producing in your body. Melatonin is the chemical that is released in the body when it’s time to go to sleep.

4. Highly active days

Exercise rejuvenates the body after you’re done exercising, but it also helps in tiring the body by the end of the day. Being highly productive during the day and working hard is also another important aspect of going to sleep. Sleeping after a very hard working day happens automatically.

Gadgets to help you sleep

Before we start with the gadgets, we’ve already covered the Eight mattress cover and Sleep Shepherd that can be added to the list. Let me be honest, I’m wary of using too many gadgets to help with your daily life. This is because your dependence on it increases and you cannot live without it. But gadgets that really make you healthier and sleep peacefully should be used as much as possible. Getting the best sleep everyday should be a minimum basic requirement. Here are a couple of gadgets we are covering today.

1. Calm Aura from Withings

How to cure Insomnia

A smart lamp and an alarm clock rolled into one will always be a good fit in your house. The Calm Aura alarm lamp emits a different color of light that aids the body to produce melatonin which makes us sleep. That same light in the morning mimics that of the sun and gives you the perfect lighting to wake you up.

Cure Insomnia with Gadgets

Another interesting feature with this device is the slow alarm that gets you to wake up gradually and not in a sudden rushed manner, which jolts, you awake. Waking up as naturally as possible helps in feeling extremely refreshed.

Gadgets to help you sleep

Some sounds help you sleep and soothing sounds can put you in the perfect mood that will give the best sleep of your life. You can connect the Aura clock to spotify and play the sounds that will ease you into sleeping.

Fight Sleep Disorders with Gadgets

Aura also optionally works with a sensor that can be placed under your mattress that gives you all the insights you need. It measures and gives you the following information:

  1. Sleep Duration – The amount you sleep
  2. REM Sleep (Deep sleep) – How long you are in REM sleep for.
  3. Finds the best time to wake you up

Calm Aura on AmazonAmazon rating of 3.5 / 5

2. Neuroon – Sleep Mask

 Smart wearable are the thing now. Neuroon is a sleep mask wearable tech that was the winner of SXSW (South by South West Event) 2016. The Neuroon should we work like any face mask, that you get on board in flights. This face mask is plated with gold to avoid any abrasions to your skin. It has sessions that can beat jet lag. The best part about neuroon is it’s learning AI. It’s not a passive device, it works with you, learns about you and suggests strategies to help you sleep better.

Insomnia Cures Neuroon smart sleep mask

The Neuroon is packed with four biometric sensors that measure the following :

  1. EEG
  2. EOG
  3. Pulse
  4. Motion
  5. Temperature

There are four LED lights situated that signals the user.

Can't sleep use these gadgets

The Neuroon has over 12 guided meditation sessions that help you sleep better. These guides also help you in remembering your dreams and make you aware that you are dreaming so that you don’t wake up with a start.

Resolve sleep problems with gadgets

The AI Algorithms will learn more about you and suggest techniques that work for you. 

Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask on Amazon |  Amazon rating of 4 / 5

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Apps to help you sleep

Although we suggested not to use your smartphone right before bed, the second application is our list combined with a few minutes use of the first application will help you get much better sleep. Here you go.

1. Sleep Genius

Apps to help you sleep

Sleep like a genius is a mobile application created by a bunch of experts who have researched the science of sleep. These experts have knowledge of neuroscience, sleep and music.

In their pursuit of putting astronauts to sleep faster, the team of experts at Sleep Genius figured out the solutions to put a person to sleep by understanding natural sleep rhythms. The Sleep Genius app works with four scientific components and they are :

  1. Neurosensory Algorithms
  2. Multiband binaural beats
  3. Pink noise
  4. Psycho acoustic music

Sleep genius has an interesting feature called the relaxation program that involves sounds that are played which are scientifically proven to synch with your cardiac and respiratory systems. This helps in relaxing your body and slowing your heart rate, putting you at peace.

Sleep Genius app to beat Insomnia

Sleep Genius Official Website

2. Flux – Bluelight Filter

This has been around for quite some time and this is one of the best applications that is available for the current generation. The flux is a simple application that mimics the lighting of the day. Flux starts working when the sun goes down. It emits an orange tinge light that is calming for the eyes. The blue light emitted from devices such as laptops and smart gadgets can cause a heavy strain to the eyes in the evenings. It’s like looking at the sun in the evening. This confuses your body. To avoid this, flux is used.

Flux Official Website

A lot of you maybe wary of using gadgets to help you with sleep, a basic human functionality. But we humans aren’t trained to get the right amount of sleep, and we surely aren’t trained to understand our sleep requirements. This is where technology helps. It helps you understand yourself better, not just give you an idea, but backs it up with numbers so that you are always learning.


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