How to create Fake WhatsApp conversation

Are you in a situation where a Fake conversation with someone can save you? Or do you want to play a prank on your friends or family by showing them fake WhatsApp conversation with a celebrity, University Head or anyone you desire? If that’s the case you are at the right spot as this article will let you know about how to make fake WhatsApp chat/chats in iPhone and Android.

WhatsApp Fake Conversation for iPhone

You can create Fake WhatsApp messages with anyone in iPhone without jailbreak with a free App. Download WhatsFake. The application has design similar to WhatsApp with which you can fool anyone. 

After downloading and installing the app follow the steps below :

1. Open the app. Tap on Compose icon at top right corner.

2. Here in the Chat screen you can enter the name and upload Photo from Photos App with whom you want to create Fake Conversation.

3. You can also control the Last seen for the contact. You may choose Online, Typing or last seen today at whichever you desire.

4. Select Save and the contact will be added to the Chats screen. You can select the contact to make fake conversation.

Make Fake WhatsApp conversation

5. You can tap on the text box as you do in WhatsApp to type the message. The main thing to observe here is the Message icon which is to the left of Text area and appears as soon as you type a single character. Tap on the icon to switch between the sender of the message. 

6. Using this setting you can create fake messages and build up the entire communication.

Fake WhatsApp conversation

Swtiching between sender of the messages

7. You can delete the Fake WhatsApp conversation by swiping towards left on the Chat in Chats screen and selecting Delete.

WhatsFake - Delete Fake WhatsApp conversation

8. You may control other settings like Wallpaper of Chat by tapping on three line icon at top left of Chats screen and selecting Settings.

WhatsFake Settings

Similarly you can add multiple Fake WhatsApp conversations in iOS devices.

Note : If you feel irritated by the ads, you can get a ads free version of the app by paying a small amount.

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Fake WhatsApp Messages App for Android

To get Fake conversation in Android you will have to download Yazzy App.

After downloading follow the steps given below :

1. Open the App and Select WhatsApp.

2. Give a Name and Image with whom you want to create a conversation and set Last Seen status as desired.

WhatsApp fake conversation in Android

3. After that start making fake messages. After typing the message, use the left + symbol to add messages from the other contact and right + symbol to add messages from your side.

Yazzy Fake Messages for Android

4. Once you complete the conversation, Proceed to the Image tab and select Update icon on top right corner of the screen.

create WhatsApp fake messages in Android

5. You will get the preview of the WhatsApp chat which you created and give you exactly same feel as if the chat was on WhatsApp.

6. You can use the Save icon to save the chat as an Image in your Gallery.

Fake WhatsApp chat Android

You can use the image to fool and play around with your friends.

I hope that this trick helped you in some way or the other. However, there are many ways which can help you use WhatsApp for Education/Useful Purposes rather than taking out time for stuff like this 🙂

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