How to convert YouTube video to GIF online

GIF’s are pretty useful even today in the world of Instagram and Vine. Animated GIF’s are not dead by any stretch of imagination as they come in handy while product illustration(even more in case of 3D), giving visual instructions, using social accounts to make conversations interesting or exhibit something useful. Keeping in mind that GIF is useful in many scenarios, let’s learn how to convert YouTube video to GIF online absolutely free.

Convert YouTube video to GIF 

YouTube being a real good resource for huge amount of useful videos you might very well need a GIF out of a video. Let’s have a look how to achieve that.

  • Open up YouTube video
  • In the address bar add gif before youtube in the URL. It should look something like this:
  • Press Enter. You will be taken to gif making website: 
  • Your video will be loaded and you can add start time of GIF by sliding the start cursor to the point/time desired.

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convert youtube to gif online
Slide to set desired start time for GIF
  • Once you set the start time, it will ask for duration(or end point). You may again slide to set the end time.
convert youtube video to gif online free
Set Duration by sliding
  • Click on Create GIF after setting the duration.
  • After the video is converted to GIF you can get the GIF from the URL given under gif file as shown below
gif out of youtube video
gif file URL
  • Copy the URL and open in your browser. To save the GIF, right click on the GIF and select Save image as..
  • Give desired name and click on Save.

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Using the above YouTube to GIF converter you can easily make GIF out of YouTube videos. Do you use GIF and are they useful to you? Were you able to convert video to GIF ? Share your thoughts in comments section below.


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