Amazing trick to clear space on iPhone, iPad without deleting anything

Please keep patience and believe what the title says. You might be surprised and it will be beyond your belief to accept that you can clear space on iPhone storage without deleting anything. After reading this post you will definitely clear space on your iOS device without even removing a single text message. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to achieve the impossible.

Most of the ways given on Web will ask you to delete unnecessary apps, clear cache, delete Photos but the beauty about this trick is that you will not remove anything from your iOS device and still you will end up clearing space.

Clear Space on iPhone Quickly

Firstly, you should know how much available Storage(under Storage and iCloud Usage in General Settings) is there. In my case, I have 103 MB available.

  • Open iTunes Store App
  • Tap on Films Tab
  • Select the movie which is larger in size compared to what is available on your device
  • In my case, I select Everest(2015) movie which is 4.77 GB in size that is well above 103 MB(available storage on my iPhone)
  • Select Rent Option. Don’t worry you won’t be charged as you don’t have enough space on your device
  • Tap on Ok when Cannot Download Alert appears
How to clear space on iPhone without deleting anything
Select OK
  • Go to Settings > General >Storage & iCloud Usage = More space Available 😀

Make space on iOS device without deleting anything

Surprised? Without deleting anything on my device I cleared 764 MB of space. Trying to purchase or rent any media of size which exceeds available space on iPhone tends to clear memory which is occupied by temporary files, background processes, cached resources etc. 

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I was so happy when this hack helped me to make space on my iPhone specially it being 16 GB. This trick comes in handy for me most of the times. Share and let your friends on iOS know about this useful hack. Were you impressed by it? Are you able to clear space with this trick? Share your views in comments section.


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