How to change vibration pattern on iPhone

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

Change vibration pattern on iPhone to something else desired by you. You can also set different vibration pattern for each contact to differentiate  between calls just by feeling the vibrations on your iPhone. 

Change Vibration Pattern on iPhone

To change default vibration pattern you may use the following method :

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Sounds under Settings
  • Under Sounds select Ringtone
  • You will find Vibration at the top under Ringtone.
  • Select Vibration and choose the desired vibration from the list 
Change Default vibration pattern on iPhone
Change Vibration pattern on iPhone

With this Default vibration pattern for all the incoming calls will be changed to the one you selected. Moreover, you can also set different vibration pattern for each contact using the following method.

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Set Different vibration pattern for each contact on iPhone

  • Open Phone App 
  • Select Contacts Tab
  • Tap on the contact whose vibration pattern you want to set
  • Select Edit at top right corner
  • To set a different vibration pattern for the selected contact select Vibration field
  • Select desired vibration from the list 
  • Tap on Done at top right corner
  • Once again Tap on Done at top right corner
Differentiate between contacts from vibrations in iPhone
Set Different Vibration for each contact iPhone

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Using the above method you have changed the vibration pattern for the desired contact. Similarly you can chnage the vibration for other contacts in your iPhone.

Above two methods allow you to change vibration style of incoming calls on your iPhone and also help you figure out who is calling you by feeling the vibration pattern without having to look at the iPhone screen. Do you use different vibration pattern and different vibration pattern for different contact ? Is it useful for you? Kindly share your thoughts in comments section below. 


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